Over the years, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has required more and more documentation. In one of my columns last year, I described that for just the most basic case of a U.S. citizen who petitions for a foreign national spouse, the couple will need to complete 52 pages of forms and read 113 pages of instructions. They will also need to read some of the information on the USCIS website landing pages for each form for more current information that is not on the form or instructions. The landing page has the most up-to-date information such as the filing fee, where to file, whether a new form will come out soon, whether an old form will no longer be accepted as of a certain date, and many other details which if overlooked could cause USCIS to send the entire package back. Or even worse, USCIS could accept the case, take the filing fees of $1,760, and then DENY the entire case. In recent months, USCIS has denied cases for failure to mark a blank box as “N/A,” for leaving out a photocopy of a single page of a passport, etc.

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