“Well, if you can’t keep my son from being bullied, I’ll just withdraw him from the school, and we’ll homeschool instead.” 

Then two years later, that same parent reinstates her son back in the public school system. However, she does not provide a record of classes, the curriculum used or grades received. Now the school has to test to determine grade level, requiring considerable administration to accomplish that.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation. While there is nothing wrong with withdrawing one’s student from public school to homeschool, parents need to be informed of their responsibilities if they plan to reinstate the student.  

For those families committed to homeschooling, they have no obligation to anyone but their children, proceeding diligently to provide the education and social experiences necessary. During high school, they create a transcript in preparation for the college admission process. Students take the SAT and ACT like their public school peers. And they pursue college degrees, trade certifications, or go directly into the workforce, as well. 

However, for those who think they might enroll their students in the public school system, records must be kept. Schools need to know what classes a student has taken, the curriculum used and the grades received. That facilitates the entry process, greatly lessening frustration for everyone. It also ensures that the student is given credit for his academic progress.  

Furthermore, joining a local homeschool support group is a must for families beginning their homeschool journey. This provides new friendships, group outings, and must-needed help to navigate a whole new arena of life. Seasoned families can offer valuable advice for the newbies: how to keep records, where to buy curriculum, what to teach, and so much more.  

Creating an enriching education includes balancing actual book work with experiences. Trips to historical sights, science experiments, and the like enhance what the student has studied from the curriculum. 

Taking these steps enables the family to maintain diligence in educating their children and also be prepared to re-enter the public school system if that’s the plan.


Terri White is a veteran homeschool mom from the ’80s and ’90s and is the founder/director of T.E.A.C.H Cleburne. She can be reached at 


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