Well, how can they be? Don’t they stay home every day in their pajamas glued to their books and computers? Won’t they be weird? How will they know how to function in the real world? 

I’ve heard all this and more for nearly 40 years. And as a veteran homeschool mom from the ’80s and ’90s, believe me, the atmosphere was sometimes hostile. However, times change, and homeschooling has become more mainstream. But still, that one question steadfastly remains the first question asked. Every time.  

So how do homeschoolers spend their time? I get dizzy just thinking about all their activities these days because it’s sure not in their pajamas at home all day, every day. Nowadays, you will find homeschoolers active in sports associations, the theater, 4-H, Scouts, charities, politics, horse camps, monthly dances, graduation ceremonies, co-ops, private `a la carte classes, and much more.  

The venues are numerous. Cleburne’s own Plaza Academy is filled with public, private and homeschooled students honing their theater skills while building confidence in front of an audience. With all the core subjects plus numerous electives, T.E.A.C.H. Cleburne provides `a la carte classes for grades K-12. 

Whether taking one class or several, students gain friendships as well. Johnson County Sports Association offers various team sports to homeschoolers that include local, state and national competitions. 

Offering classes from pre-k to high school, homeschool co-ops meet weekly. Some are enrichment only, but others offer academic classes. To keep the cost down, all the parents must either teach a class or assist the parent-teacher. Then there’s our public library that opens its doors at 9 a.m. on Thursdays for a homeschool program. You’ll find homeschoolers picking up trash littered in the city park, life guarding at the Splash Station, volunteering in our local charities and participating in the political process. You get the picture. Homeschoolers are involved in an array of community activities and organizations. 

Homeschoolers like to party, too! Monthly dances in Cleburne let students get their boogie on. In the spring, the prom — a big splash — adds a touch of elegance. One of the biggest proms in the Metroplex fits nearly 2,000 teens on the extravagantly decorated dance floor. Even smaller towns like Cleburne boast a homeschool prom. Although these dances are sponsored by homeschool groups, plenty of public school teens attend as dates of their homeschool partners.  

So here’s to homeschool socialization. It’s everywhere.


Terri White is a veteran homeschool mom from the 80s and 90s and the founder/director of T.E.A.C.H 

Cleburne. She can be reached at teachcle


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