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It’s time to open Texas 100%, Gov. Greg Abbott declared Tuesday.

But is it really? Cleburne’s vaccination hub opened a few weeks ago and they’re rapidly vaccinating those eligible for vaccines, but it’s just seems a bit too soon to us.

Those who have gone through the vaccination hub heap praises on the efficiency of the assembly line approach. The hub is allotted a minimum of 1,000 vaccines each week.

By April 2 they anticipate having delivered about 18,500 vaccines, which includes first and second doses. Now that teachers have been added to the list of those eligible, that number is expected to rise.

White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said there should be enough vaccines for 70 to 85 percent of Americans by the end of summer.

Nationwide more than 54 million people have received at least their first dose as of Thursday afternoon. 

In Texas, 6 million doses have been administered, and closer to home, in Johnson County, almost 16,000 have received the first dose, with almost 9,000 fully vaccinated.

So we are doing our part, but it is your job, Governor, to protect Texans.

Look at the numbers. Look at how many we’ve lost. If we give up now those numbers are going to continue to rise.

On Tuesday, the day of Abbott’s announcement, there were 271 deaths from COVID. On Wednesday that number was 297, and on Thursday it rose to 315.

How many people have to die for us to take this seriously?

Across the nation half a million people have died in the year we’ve been battling this pandemic. In Texas it’s 43,000 people who have died. 

In Johnson County, 323 of our residents have passed away from COVID. You probably knew some of them. They might have been your neighbor, your fellow church member or even your relative.

Who knows what the numbers are going to look like after Winter Storm Uri forced people to leave their homes and find other places with power, water and warmth.

We get it. The past year has been difficult, especially for small businesses. We are a business, too, and we’re hurting right along with you.

But it’s already been a year. What is another month? Give us time to get the vaccinations up, rather than the COVID cases.

As for our office, we will keep wearing our masks and protecting each other.


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