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As we sat down to our office Thanksgiving potluck last week, one of my coworkers asked me what I’m thankful for.

“Oh we’re doing that?” I said with a laugh.

But days later I still sat at my desk pondering her question. It is, of course, the time of year for that line of thought.

As I have aged, the things I am thankful for has changed. As a child I was thankful for my family, for having a full stomach and a roof over my head. Thankful I had siblings to spend time with growing up.

As a 22-year-old straight out of college I was thankful to be given the opportunity to work at the Times-Review. Thankful that Dale Gosser took a chance on this fresh graduate. I was thankful to be out of my own, living in an apartment in Cleburne and fending or myself for the first time in my life.

At 30 I was thankful for moving up the ranks at the newspaper and keeping a steady job. I was thankful for a wonderful husband and two healthy baby girls. Thankful for the chance to be their mother.

This year I’m 37 and most of the things I’m thankful for are the same, with just a few minor adjustments.

I’m thankful to be leading the newsroom and being involved in the community. Thankful to still be employed when so many others lost their jobs during the pandemic. I’m thankful for our loyal readers who have stuck with us through the last few difficult years. I’m thankful for our advertisers who help us put out the best product we can for our community.

I’m also thankful my family made it through the pandemic healthy. Thankful that my girls are growing up and learning new things every day.

There are several thankfuls that have never changed. I’m thankful for my church family. I have had four wonderful church families throughout my life — in Kansas, Oklahoma, college and now Burleson. I still keep in touch with many of my former church members, thanks to social media.

I’m thankful for family, both the one I grew up sharing a household with the ones I created and now share a household with.

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Be sure to let the people you love in your life know because you never know when you’ll see them again.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be safe if you’re traveling.

Monica Faram is the managing editor of the Cleburne Times-Review. She can be reached at

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