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For the first time in my 15 years with this newspaper, we were not able to deliver a print edition on the date it was supposed to be printed. However, it was not for the lack of trying.

We, like so many others across the county, were plagued with a power outage for most of the week. When the power didn’t come back on, our internet was out. But, that did not stop us from keeping our readers up to date with what was going on in the community.

Don’t worry though. You will not miss your news. In today’s paper you will find the Thursday edition as your B section, which includes the stories and advertisements from Tuesday’s edition.

I thank you all for being so understanding as we struggled to provide updates, whether it was because of lack of information or lack of technology to share it. We used many means to get the latest updates to you as fast as possible.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: Cleburne and Johnson County are home to some of the most generous people I’ve ever met in my life. This week solidified that in my mind and heart more than it ever has before. 

On Thursday, I visited with people who had been displaced from their homes because of the outages at the Cleburne Conference Center. The fear, anger and sadness I saw in their eyes touched my heart. Like so many others, they want answers. They want to know why they have been left in the dark, literally.

But leave it to Cleburne to take care of them. They all expressed how grateful they felt to have somewhere warm to go. Restaurants across the city brought meals to them three times a day. Cleburne police went and picked them up from their homes. They were all so appreciative.

In other cities, churches opened their doors and allowed people to come have shelter. The church I attend was among those. They all provided food, drinks and all the necessities.

Cleburne cares. Johnson County cares. We all care.

Monica Faram is the managing editor of the Cleburne Times-Review. She can be reached at

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