Just the facts please

Dear Editor:

In my article, “The Sound of A Book Controversy” I stated that the Dallas and Cleburne libraries would not check out the “Pillars” book to students under the age of 18.

Although I had checked with sources at each institution to ensure the matter was correct, it has come to my attention that I was given incorrect information regarding the policy of the two libraries.

Part of a serious debate is to make arguments based upon fact rather than fiction.

Similarly, one should admit when a mistake is made.

It is my sincere hope that my position on the matter is not undermined by the incorrect source information I was provided. Please do not let this get in the way of discussing the real issue: parental consent.

Because most would agree that parents should be involved in educational decisions for their children, I hope the controversy will soon be over, and we can all unite and support the continued efforts of parents, students and teachers in pursuit of academic excellence.

Scott Cain


Thanks, officials, for Texas 121 efforts

Dear Editor:

I learned at the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce banquet that our city had the foresight to send several people to Washington, D.C., to protest cutting funds from the Texas I21 project in Johnson County and give those funds to projects in other areas of North Texas.

We have been waiting for more than 10 years for Texas 121 to begin since the appropriation of funds to build this very needed highway.

It will cut our travel time to Fort Worth by at least 15 minutes and in many situations for an hour or more. This is a must for our community.

If our city had taken a back seat to the DOT and the Texas Highway Department, we definitely would have lost these funds for three or more years. The Texas highway department has a history of misuse of funds provided by the Legislature to the detriment of small communities and in particular North Central Texas as a whole.

When the “stimulus package” was passed, it provided extra funds for North Texas roadways, but it left it to the highway department and state government to allocate much of those funds.

Without the help of our Washington legislators we will again lose our place in fine for our needed projects.

Please follow the leadership of our Cleburne City Council and contact both Rep. Chet Edwards and Rep. Kay Granger, encouraging them to watch out for our needs.

They are both on our team; they just need to know the citizens of Johnson County and southern Tarrant County are interested in their help.

Again, thank you Cleburne city hall for your foresight in traveling to D.C. to deliver our concerns to our representatives.

A letter or e-mail would not have conveyed the seriousness of this issue.

Dennis Kissell


The way our city should be governed

Dear Editor:

This past Monday, the Cleburne Parks and Recreation Board met to discuss fees for the beautiful and greatly improved municipal golf course.

What a wonderful experience! About 30 concerned citizen golfers were in attendance, as well as seven Cleburne park board members and four city staffers.

For about an hour and a half, we listened to the proposed fee schedule, asked questions, and exchanged comments back and forth.

Every person present had the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way, and in the end the board adopted a proposed fee schedule to be presented to the Cleburne City Council next week.

Although no one got everything they wanted, everyone got some of what they wanted.

Cleburne city staff were more than willing to adjust their original proposal in response to suggestions from the audience.

In my mind, this is the way our city should be governed, using the expertise of paid staff with meaningful input from the citizenry.

Again, it was a wonderful experience; thanks to everyone who participated.

Ben Oefinger

President, Cleburne Parks and Recreation Board


Some overdue thanks

Dear Editor:

My name is Vicki Bryant and I work at the Godley Intermediate School. In the mornings I do crosswalk duty. I wanted to give an applause to the semi drivers who come through our school zone. I know they usually get a bad wrap, but I think this deserves a thank you. I especially am thankful to the drivers of Penergy trucks. This could be such a dangerous job and some days it gets scary. So please express my gratitude to them for being cautious and courteous.


Vicki Bryant


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