Be informed and vote

Dear Editor:

A Republican primary election is scheduled for March 2. Early voting runs from Feb. 16-26.

Do you know what offices are up for election? Do you know who is running? Do you know the candidates’ positions on various issues? Well, why not?

This is your opportunity to shape your government, local, state and national.

Did you know that one of the candidates for U.S. Congress voted in the Democratic primary in 2008?

Did you know one of the candidates for U.S. Congress was on the board of directors of a business with ultraliberal financier George Soros?

Concerning a different candidate, did you know he was the only one of the current candidates to run in the 2008 election and came within 4 percentof winning the seat?

Did you know the other four of the current candidates failed to support that sole Republican candidate in the 2008 election?

Where were they then? Why should you vote for them now? Do you know which candidate these comments apply to?

Maybe you should.

Did you know one of the candidates for state representative, who claims on his signage to be a “conservative Republican,” publicly endorsed our ultraliberal U.S. Congressman in the last three elections?

Do you know which candidate? Maybe you should.

Do you know which candidates are incumbents? Do you know how those incumbents have performed in their job? Do you know the back ground of the challengers? Maybe you should.

Visit and Use Google and other Web searches.

Read the newspaper. Question what is said. Do the research. Get informed. Then go vote.

Dan Hunt


Register if you want to vote

Dear Editor:

Can you vote?

Only if you are registered. The last day to register is Feb. 1.

To help you register we will be at the Republican headquarters from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting Monday. The headquarters are located at at 210 S. Main in Cleburne.

There also will be volunteers at headquarters to help you with the necessary forms from 2-5 p.m. Saturday.

Bring your driver’s license or personal ID.

You must be a resident of Johnson County to register here.

Do you love your country? Don’t let this American right go unused.

Deborah Simpson

Chairwoman, Politically Active Republicans

Show support for National Day of Prayer

Dear Editor:

I received a letter in the mail from Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund.

In it he says that an “atheist group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a lawsuit to abolish the National Day of Prayer, ” and “Congress established it, and President Harry Truman signed it into law in 1952!

“But now the Freedom From Religion Foundation claims the National Day of Prayer creates a ‘hostile environment’ for nonbelievers and that it violates the First Amendment.”

Makes you wonder whose First Amendment rights?

If the radical atheistic group doesn’t want to participate, they don’t have to, why make it bad for everybody else?

Mrs. Shirley Dobson is the “volunteer chairperson of the task force ... that mobilizes evangelical Christians and others to participate in the National Day of Prayer events.”

She has been “personally sued because of her involvement with the National Day of Prayer Task Force.”

“If the atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation persuade courts to rule against the National Day of Prayer, it would violate constitutional protections for religious expression and set a major, chilling precedent against religious liberty.”

Visit www.TELLADF.ORG and show your support.

By the way, did you notice that President Obama did not participate in the 2009 National Day of Prayer?

Didn’t he proclaim that he was a Christian while he was out campaigning for the election?

Isn’t that why so many Christians of all races voted for him?

Smooth talkers are just that; it is those who live their faith that you can trust.

Theresa G. Williamson


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