Vote for Jennifer Dugger

Dear Editor:

Experience. That is what Jennifer Dugger would bring to the Cleburne ISD school board if elected in May. She is the Algebra I lead teacher for the high school and has developed most of the Algebra I curriculum. Jennifer has gained the respect of all who have worked with her because of her dedication to improving every student’s learning experience.

In addition to teaching, she is also expanding her educational knowledge by taking graduate classes for a Master of Education degree. Since she is leaving her position as a math teacher to be a stay-at-home mom for the next few years, the school board could really benefit from her knowledge of the educational system. Jennifer Dugger has my vote, and I hope she has yours.

Tonya Andrews

CHS teacher

Dear Editor:

Jennifer Dugger would be a valuable addition to the Cleburne ISD school board. She is an exceptional educator who is very interested in the quality of education in Cleburne.

As a Cleburne High School math teacher, she has spent many, many hours after the school day and on weekends developing curriculum and activities to better educate her students. Since she is resigning at the end of the year to spend a few years at home with her child, she will be greatly missed as a math teacher. However, Jennifer wants to continue having a role in education by serving on the school board. Because she has numerous hours of education, math and business course work, several years of experience as a teacher and a heart and mind for education, she would be an outstanding board member.

She has the ambition, enthusiasm and experience needed to make sound decisions for CISD. Please join me in supporting Jennifer Dugger for school board Place 3.

Bernadine Mariott

CHS math department


Vote for Dr. Elaine Wilmore

Dear Editor:

I recently heard that Dr. Elaine Wilmore is running for mayor of your great city. It is my highest recommendation that you vote to make Dr. Wilmore your next mayor.

Dr. Wilmore is a former professor of mine at the University of Texas at Arlington and is truly an inspiration for all who know her. Dr. Wilmore believes in integrity and has the strongest ethics of anyone I have met. Her caring spirit and strong faith will allow her to serve Cleburne with all of her heart. She stands morally strong in what she believes in and can solve any type of problem presented to her. Her vast experiences and education shows she is a worthy candidate for your consideration.

She has proven herself to be credible in all aspects of life and has a genuine desire to make our world a better place. She is a hard worker and will do a wonderful job as your elected official. Her creative genius and her expertise in life will make you proud to elect Dr. Elaine Wilmore as your next mayor of Cleburne. Cast your vote in the right direction — elect Dr. Elaine Wilmore!


Karla Cross

Grand Prairie

Dear Editor:

To the voters of Cleburne. There is a rare opportunity presenting itself to the city of Cleburne in the mayor’s race with early voting being May 1-9 and election day May 13. Dr. Elaine Wilmore will be on the ballot. We have the rare opportunity to elect a mayor who will have a servant’s heart, who is well-educated, has the energy, has the time and most of all will be impartial in dealings with the city of Cleburne.

In all her dealings she will seek the will of the people before making a decision. She is a good Christian lady who has proven herself in all of her endeavors with public office and administration in the educational field. We would be amiss if we didn’t back and vote for Dr. Elaine Wilmore. Don’t let this rare opportunity pass us by.

Bill Malcom

Dear Editor:

Donna and I have known Elaine Wilmore and her family for 15-plus years. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Cleburne ISD board of trustees with Elaine for nine years. During those nine years I have witnessed the character of Elaine as being a devoted, hard-working, task-oriented individual. Her ethical and moral standards are impeccable as well as her work ethic.

She has contributed to this community in numerous ways, including but not limited to, serving as educator, administrator and now as trustee while serving as president of the school board for several years during her nine-year tenure. She has remained strong in her Christian faith, which plays an integral part in the integrity she possesses.

It goes without saying that we view Elaine as an individual who would make the city of Cleburne an excellent choice in serving in the capacity as mayor of our fine city. You could not ask for a better hands-on representative than her. We would hope that those who do not know her as we do would join us in making that happen.

Thank you,

Milton and Donna Walker


Vote for Wes Nelson

Dear Editor:

I would like to encourage the people of Cleburne to vote in the upcoming election for the kind of leadership that represents honesty and integrity — leadership that truly cares about the citizens and what is best for our community. One man who fits that description is Wes Nelson.

I have known Wes for many years. It is my personal experience that Wes is a man of his word. He does what he says he will do and is compassionate about the future of our city. Wes Nelson’s continued leadership on the city council is something we really need, if we expect our city to grow in a healthy fashion. Please vote for Wes Nelson for city council District 1.


Gene Gallagher


Immigrants need to speak English

Dear Editor:

One only has to read the Texas Democratic platform on the party’s Web site,, to recognize the Democrat position on immigration. “Support multi-language instruction that allows English-speaking children to learn a second language and reject efforts to destroy bilingual education.” Translation: American-born Texans should learn to speak Spanish, French or German while we provide free education for children of illegal immigrants.

My children and grandchildren do not need to learn Spanish to succeed in the world. (At least not yet). Today’s young people would do well to learn to speak proper English. Many leaders of the Hispanic community have repeatedly acknowledged that the key to success for Latin Americans in this country is to learn English. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in limited earning capability. It would appear that the Democrats want us all to learn to speak Spanish rather than have Mexican immigrants learn to speak English.

Pandering to illegal immigrants by insisting on bilingual education will not improve the plight of these immigrants. Dumbing down the classrooms to accommodate those who cannot speak English will not help our children improve their learning skills. I have personal knowledge of a situation where one teacher was denied a promotion in favor of another teacher where the latter was bilingual. Is this what our education system in Texas has come to? Are we now going to discriminate against teachers who are not bilingual?

There is something wrong here folks, and we had better deal with it before English is the second language of Texas instead of the first. What our society needs most now are well-educated high school graduates who are strong in math and science skills, not more illiterates who cannot even speak English.

Harry C. Kennemer Jr.


Thanks from prom committee

Dear Editor:

As we prepare for the 2006 Cleburne High School Junior-Senior Prom, we would like to thank the community for its support of this annual event down through the years. The prom is a lifetime memory for our students and would not be possible without the backing of our businesses, parents, CHS staff and Cleburne ISD administration.

It is the desire of the parent committee of the Junior-Senior Prom, which is sponsored by the junior class, that all contributions this year be sent to Project Celebration. This after-prom event, open to all juniors and seniors and their dates, provides a safe and fun alternative for our students. 2006 marks the 12th year of this annual event. It also signifies 12 straight years of safety for our students in the hours following the prom — and 12 nights of peace of mind for their parents.

Contributions to Project Celebration may be mailed to P.O. Box 2021, Cleburne, TX 76033. Donations are used to purchase food, prizes and scholarships.

We appreciate your consideration of a donation to this very worthwhile event, which is sponsored by the parents of the senior class.


Brenda Harrison

Stacy Williams

Prom co-chairwomen

Vote for Woody Mathews

Dear Editor:

I urge all eligible voters to vote in the upcoming elections, and I encourage you to vote for Woody Mathews in the Cleburne ISD school board election. I have known Woody since 1998 and am proud to call him my friend as well as business partner.

Woody has been active in the activities of the school district for many years having served on site-based committees at the middle school and at the district-wide level, as well as serving on the facilities committee. He is also active in the volleyball, basketball and track booster clubs. He serves as the finance director of First United Methodist Church of Joshua, is a member of their board of trustees and is a volunteer counselor at Glen Lake Youth Camp.

From a professional standpoint, Woody has performed many school district and other governmental audits, which I believe would add a unique perspective to the board.

Please join me and vote for Woody!

Kenneth von Tungeln


Vote for Teresa Blackwell, back Sonny Russell

Dear Editor:

I am writing because I am very concerned about the apathy in our community about the upcoming Cleburne ISD school board election. I ask everyone, all of you who have the ability, to go to Teresa Blackwell’s Web site and read everything Teresa has included in the site. You will find that she has researched deeply and comprehensively. My husband and I are in full support of her position and we will vote for her May 13 for Place 5. In fact, we will vote early!

We are also in full support of write-in candidate W.G. Dempsey for Place 4 in the same election. Wendell is a no-nonsense business owner who shares the same concern and ideals as Teresa. We have talked at length with both of them and are impressed with their understanding of the problems and with their determination to make a difference in the way business is handled in CISD.

We love our teachers and our students and we want the best for them. Our concern is with the CISD administration and the uncontrolled spending that has been taking place in areas that have nothing to do with the direct education of our students and their teachers.

The teachers deserve to be paid for doing a great job, and the students deserve to receive the best instruction possible. They do not deserve to be short-changed by an administration that, in the past, has not been held accountable for where our tax dollars are being spent.

We are mad because of what we know and have seen for ourselves, and we are supporting those who are intent on holding the administration accountable for its actions! Those we support are Teresa Blackwell, W.G. Dempsey and Brad Parsons.

By the way, if we were in Sonny Russell’s district, we would vote for him, because he is who we need on the city council. He knows how to run a business, he is honest and he wants Cleburne to be an attractive city to live in. He, like us, believes in fiscal responsibility on a community level and that is what we desperately need on the council! Vote for Sonny!

Marsa Lee Linkenhoger


Vote for Sonny Russell

Dear Editor:

With the gas royalties and the explosion of growth coming to the city, we need competent people on the city council. Sonny Russell is a proven leader. His knowledge of business and finance will help lead our city in the right direction at a critical time in our history. I support Sonny Russell for City Council District 1.

Charles Pierce


Dear Editor:

I have been following the city council race for District 1 very closely. I believe Sonny Russell is the best choice. He has the business experience and the financial expertise to manage the city revenue. His input will be a valuable asset to the city. I urge everyone to vote for Sonny Russell.

Pat Linkenhoger


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