Readers recently shared their thoughts after Cleburne ISD proposed to give all employees a 3 percent raise.

Kelly Goulding The bill gives the district a set amount of money , its up to each school board the amount of the raise ...

Randy Stanton Wow they are so generous. That’s chicken feed.

Salvador Zapata Jr. Wouldnt mind if they give grounds maintenance a raise too lol.

Jen Laningham Yea the insurance will go up and we won’t see much of the raise :( grateful for what we get ofcourse just wish insurance wasn’t so outrageous.

Robert Barnett Not enough. Give ALL TEACHERS a 25% raise.

Alicia Montes The governor already signed a bill mandating a raise for school teachers.

Sonya Crowder How much is their insurance going up- more than 3% as usual- it always sounds good- but they never tell the entire story!

Jimmy Luckie Is it because they have to? Wondering if this is related to the new law recently passed by the state legislators?


Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed Senate Bill 21 into law, which prohibits the sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to those under 21 years of age. The new law goes into effect Sept. 1, and makes an exemption for those ages 18-20 who are serving in the military.

Joyce Curtis .....because everyone obeys the law. I hope this is effective.

Tammy Vanover Well I don’t smoke and neither does my 22 and 19 year old but don’t thin the military should have anything do with this bill exception. If you’re old enough to serve this country, vote for president then if you want to smoke them well all means do it. I’m not here to judge you. You don’t think if they really want it they can’t get it.

Danna Franklin So one is an adult at 18 only if they serve in the military. SMH You can not stop the use of tobacco anymore than you have stopped the use of illegal drugs. This was a waste of time.

Chon Villa I think all tobacco products should be outlawed.

Laurie Hill Colvin I don’t smoke, but it’s a waste of time. Choose your battles government! Of course we don’t want our kids to smoke, drink, or do drugs- but leave it to the parent, then when they are 18 and have the right to be on there own, college, married, even have kids, and yes be in the military- makes no sense to tell them they can’t have a cigarette if they choose.

John Allen Smoking is slow motion suicide so changing the legal age is largely futile. This is too much government in our lives. Taxing tobacco at higher levels would be better. The dollars could be put away in a sick fund for treating lung cancer. This prevents redistribution of other tax dollars and influences, to varying degrees, the choice to purchase cigarettes. The government already pays for 50% or more healthcare costs. Most importantly, it leaves people with a choice.

Steph Pollard Yes, because if there’s one thing legal adults need, it’s for the government to regulate our right as individuals to make our own decisions. Telling us what we can and can not consume backed with the threat of punishment if we disobey protects us from ourselves. It’s for our own good. Forget the land of the free, living in the land of the nanny state is better.

Theresa Whisenhunt Brown If you know anyone who served ask them what they do when they sit around all day waiting... this is probably why they are permitting military. Then again they should get something to offset the terrible pay and MREs received.

Elizabeth Sheppard There should be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Taylor Carter Will the ones already addicted be “Grandfathered” in?


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