Residents recently shared their thoughts when Cleburne country musician Peter Pope released a new album.


Jeff Gilbert Man I’m pulling for you Peter Pope, both in music and in life. I’m very proud of the hard work and passion you’ve done on this album, but more importantly the passion you have in maintaining and enjoying your new life. Love ya Bro!

Stella Martinez Green Congratulations Peter Pope, not only on your career, but also on your sobriety. You’ve come a long way. Wishing you the best and cheering you on.


Residents recently shared their thoughts when Gerard Elementary School students wrote about their Thanksgiving traditions.


Becky McCarty King Good job, Mrs. Crook. We always loved getting students in first grade who had been introduced to writing in Kindergarten!!!

Meghan Dixon Mrs. Crook is the absolute best she’s the nicest teacher in the world I loved her and honestly she’s the only teacher that ever liked me that was nice to me and made me feel happy!

Rachel Martin Price Mrs. Crook is the best!!


Residents recently shared their thoughts when Cleburne residents Casey Waits and Tina Barrus were named the 2019 Times-Review Man & Woman of the Year.


Julie Davis Congratulations!!! I don’t know y’all, but love this community. Thank you for your hard work!!

Chuck Bailey Congratulations to two of the most deserving people.

Thank you both for making Cleburne a better place.

Shay Lee Congrats to you both and Thank You!

I’m legally blind and therefore do not drive. It’s great to be able to walk Downtown to Shop, Eat and go to the Theatre.

Teresa Staggs Graff Congrats to both and thank you for helping bring Cleburne downtown to life.

Triesha Davidson Harwell I used to just drive through Cleburne just to get to where I was going. Now I can stop and shop and look around. Hope the revival and growth of the down town square area continues. Big supporter of small business. Congratulations!

Jennifer Davis I can’t say enough about Tina and the Harmony Connection program at Plaza Theatre Company! Performers with special needs, lights, are paired with older students, shadows. The gift of acceptance is rare, especially when you’re “different.” Acceptance, encouragement, and love are in abundance in this program. I know when I drop her off, Brinlee is welcomed with open arms by all. The lessons Tina teaches go far beyond singing and dancing.

Lario Vasquez Now if all of the lawyer’s office’s moved away from the downtown square. More places like there’s could open and then the square around the old courthouse would not look so dead. Sorry just my opinion. 


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