Readers recently shared their thoughts after Mark Anthony Soliz was put to death for the 2010 shooting of a 61-year-old grandmother at her Godley home during an eight-day crime spree.

Charles Grover Justice finally served.. God Bless the family.

Maria Gonzales Pogue Only God can judge you now!! RIP RUBAN!!

Bobby Robert Moore Good riddance!

Sheila West I’m glad that he was sorry for what he did but apologies don’t fix what is broken and consequences and punishment don’t go away just because you are sorry.

Valine Reed He said , “ I been considering changing my life” Lol seriously, lil late there bud.

Raven Perez Sorry only cuz he got caught.

Chris Parrish Good. One less to worry about.

JoAnn McLain Hicks I remember this so well it was across 2331 from our house in Godley, he could have turned into our drive as easy as he turned into ms glad they were caught

Jeremy Harris I worked with Ruben at Ben E. Keith. He was the hardest working guy I knew when his life was taken by this guy. I bet he’s not so tuff come 6:00pm tonight.

Joyce Curtis LONG overdue. His VICTIMS didn’t have this long, did they?

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