Readers recently shared their experiences after a 3.2 magnitude earthquake about five miles northeast of Alvarado was reported at 3:21 a.m. Tuesday.

Lori Bell Hunt I was awaken by my dogs and I looked at my clock and it was 3:18 AM. They were whining and crying I thought they just needed to be let out but they were acting strange. And they never wake me up until 6 AM every morning. So after reading this it made sense.

Linda Spillman Prescott in bed I thought possum was under the house Alvarado Happy Meadows and Meadow View

Elena Acevedo In in Ft Worth off Sycamore school rd and Mccart area in my bed.. and was awake and felt my bed shake.. i was like.. wth? Cuz ive never felt that before except years back when it happened in Ft W. I was like.. is one of the dogs scratching on the bed under blanket???? Hummm...ummm..i dont think so.. rummbling bed.

Kelly Holley Wierman I was in Cleburne and didn’t notice.

Tonya Horton O’Bannon I’m right here where it happened and slept right through it.

Jon Ball I’ve never felt one. Don’t think they’re real.

Stephanie Price Yup. Thought a kid fell outta bed. 917 & 604 Alvarado.

Kimberly Smith-Hogg My dog woke me up at 3:20. Didn’t notice anything shaking.


Readers shared their thoughts after former Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Beth Matthews It’s so great that the mans teenager brother forgave her and gave her a hug and the judge led her to the LORD. Both families are suffering right now and need a lot of prayer.

Kristina Michelle I cannot believe all these people really thinking she “just made a mistake” & deserves a lesser sentence. Would it have been a mistake if HE “accidentally” walked into her apartment & KILLED HER? SHE MURDERED A MAN point blank, period.

Connie Reyna Flores Ortiz This is not a win situation. Both have suffered a loss one shot and killed innocently and she who was a free woman before this tragic event is now gonna be in prison for a long time. I pray for both families!!

Kim Codner At the end of the day she is s guilty of killing an innocent man. People seem to be so sad for her. What about the victim. If the tables were turned we would be having a totally different conversation. I don’t think it’s about race in terms of she killed him because he was black I believe that her actions after she shot him is really what upsets me. She was so busy plotting, planning and lying that that should be what we all should be concerned with because it could happen to anyone of us posting comments or family members or friends. She took a life. So she should have no problem giving up her freedom.

Debby Polozeck She made a horrible mistake and very tragic decision. She received the right sentence. Punishment is to fit the crime. Doesn’t matter if she is a police officer or not. Bad decisions deserve bad consequences.

Chase Dawson Law enforcement are suppose to be held to a higher standard than civilians. Meaning because she is a cop. She should get less leniency for committing a crime. Especially a of this nature. I bet a lot of people are wondering what else this out of control cop has been up to besides this.

Joey Sanchez Meanwhile the Dallas DA is excusing intentional criminal behavior with lighter sentences or outright decriminalization. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have paid a price for a tragic mistake, but it’s obvious the prosecution was less interested in justice and more interested in getting their pound of flesh.

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