Readers recently shared their thoughts after the UIL recently announced marching bands students will now be required to have physicals before taking the field.

Tim Cook I agree with it to the point it doesn’t cut out allowing a student with a disability be excluded. I have been a life long supporter of our band program and was so impressed with making accommodations a few years back for one of the students that was wheelchair bound. I have seen several other band programs since do the same. I just hope the physicals have a standard that continues to allow this to happen.

Tina Allmon McRae Great Idea. I am new to the whole band mom thing. All 3 of my aons have been in band. But my 2 oldest it was just a class to get them out of art. But my youngest has made it a thing for him. We have really enjoyed watching there little band. They work so hard in the heat and some times in the cold. I am very pround to be called a band mom.

Dean Conine Good idea, those kids practice and perform in some pretty rough weather. I only hope it doesn’t cut out too many kids that love the band.

Dave Munsie This is a good thing. I’m a bit out of the loop now that my kids are all grown up, but I’m hoping all sports and marching band require a check up for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Cheri Wood Isaacs I agree. Marching band requires hours of practice, outside in the hot sun, while holding and playing instruments. It is a workout and should be treated as such.

Kimberly Love Crawford As a current Golden Pride band mom, I think this is a great idea. Our band practices so many hours a week all year long and then add in Friday night football games and numerous marching competitions they are doing just as much as a person in football would do just in a different form of practice.

Meredith McNew Perry It isn’t anything like a football workout just like football isn’t anything like cross country. Each sport has challenges & hazards. In Texas, all outdoor sports deal with the oppressive & dangerous heat. I think this will be a really good thing to help avoid tragedy. Band members work hard & of course deserve safety precautions in place as well.


After a Texas teen posted a video of herself licking a half-gallon of Blue Bell ice cream at a Lufkin Wal-Mart before putting it back in the freezer, readers shared their thoughts.

Thomas Davis I thought about stuff like this for years. I always buy ice that is sealed with a plastic ring around the lid.

Steve Francisco I do nothing to make sure my products have not been tampered with. I trust people.

Lydia S. McWhorter Everyone should be responsible for their behavior choices and the consequences thereof.

Marsha Gentry Sad that we have to worry about people’s actions that they know are wrong! Bluebell will probably have to use a seal, which in turn will make the cost go up. This will be passed on to consumers. She should pay for her actions!

Wendy Lindig Miller Everyone crying for more plastic and packaging. The same people who cry for environmental protection and ban plastic straws. We might actually get somewhere if we start holding INDIVIDUALS responsible for THEIR OWN actions!! It starts when they are young. Too many parents make excuses for their kids behavior...”they are just 3 they don’t know, the teacher just doesnt understand little Johnny..” They grow into adults who beleive their actions are someone else’s fault!

Elisha Trussell Its real simple people, she needs to be punished for what she did. That being said, I believe Blue Bell should update how they package their ice cream products so this doesn’t happen again.

Jannie Anderson People should raise their children right, this will keep manufacturers from having to seal their products up, which would raise the cost. Imho.

Rose Mary Reed How many have done this before? We don’t know what we’re eating now a days. Not buying any more ice cream that’s not sealed. Guess the price will go up now for new packaging! Best to make your own food at home. Pray for God to bless your food like the Bible tells us to do. God tells us these things for our own good.


Readers shared their thoughts after it was discovered a Venus man, who was reported missing in April, was “entirely consumed” by his 18 dogs.

Tina Eaton-Scott This is so sad . Prayers to his family.

Amy Lawyer Bless this man, his family & those that responded. Horrific.

Megan Owen This is an all around horrific story. So sad. I can’t imagine how family members and investigators felt when discovering this news.

Vicki Heald Walters This is horrible! My prayer is this poor man died as a result of some health condition and was THEN the rest happened.

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