The case of the misplaced grave marker has been partially solved and the marker will soon be driven out of state and returned to its rightful place. But another question concerning the marker remains unanswered for now.

Cleburne’s American Legion Post 50 Commander Allen Buckles and Post Adjutant Ray Cram last week informed the Times-Review that the post was in possession of John Curtis Eubank’s Veterans Affairs grave site monument marker but were unsure how exactly it came to the post or where it belonged. Buckles and Cram said at the time that they were hoping to locate any relatives, heirs, friends or associates who could shed light on the question of the late Mr. Eubank’s marker.

Eubank was born Nov. 20, 1915, and passed away on Oct. 26, 1990.

“Mr. Eubank served his country as a seaman first class in the U.S. Navy and was a veteran of World War II,” Buckles said last week. “Regrettably, the legion has no other available information on which to reach out to anyone.”

Buckles said he believes that a couple who purchased a house in Cleburne found the marker and dropped it off at the post about a year or two ago, which was before Buckles became commander.  Buckles said he has no information on the people who brought the marker to the post nor does he know which house it was found in.

Post 50, Buckles said last week, “wants very much to return the marker” to Eubank’s rightful surviving relatives, heirs and/or to its proper burial site.”

A Times-Review article, published on Tuesday, elicited several calls to Cram and the Times-Review.

Melinda Fowler of Worthington Monuments in Cleburne called the Times-Review on Tuesday afternoon with news that, through an internet search, she had discovered that Eubank is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Minco, Oklahoma.

Cram, upon being informed of Fowler’s news, said he also received a call earlier that day from  Susan Hensley, an Arlington woman, who also informed him that Eubank is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

“She does genealogy and was able to locate a nephew of Mr. Eubank who we were able to then get in contact with by phone,” Cram said. “There is apparently another small marker on his grave site now, but my wife and I are going to drive to Oklahoma to deliver this marker to his nephew.”

Cram said he also contacted members of American Legion Post 54 in Chickasha, Oklahoma, who were excited to hear the news and are planning to conduct a ceremony at Eubank’s grave site upon the return of his marker.

In addition to looking forward to joining members of Post 54 in honoring Eubank, Cram said he and Buckles wished to thank all who reached out in helping locate Eubank’s final resting place and added that he’s thankful that Eubank’s marker will soon be where it belongs. 

One question remains.

“We’re thoroughly confused as to how Mr. Eubank’s marker came to be in Cleburne,” Cram said.

That mystery too may soon be solved, Cram said, as several others have called and left messages for Cram to get back to them.

Anyone else with information on the travels of Eubank’s marker or his connection, if any, with Cleburne is encouraged to contact Cram at 817-517-1900.

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