Godley High School Senior Averi Hinkle, left, works on practice sheets to prepare for the second round of MathCON, a popular math competition in Chicago on April 25. Math Department Chair and math teacher Cindy Luce will accompany Hinkle to the competition.

Godley High School Senior Averi Hinkle will travel this month to Chicago to compete against 700 students nationwide in the popular math competition MathCON.

“This is the first year Godley High School has participated in MathCON,” said Cindy Luce, math department chair and math teacher at GHS.

“[Superintendent Rich Dear] and [Principal Leigh Brown] came to me one day and asked if this could be something that we could do,” Luce said. “And I said yes, of course.”

Brown and Luce put all students, whether they were in honors or regular math classes, in the first round of the MathCON competition. However, because of severe weather conditions in February, only some were able to participate.

GHS students were among 45,000 students nationwide to participate in the first round, which consisted of an 40-minute online test with 40 questions based on each student’s grade level. If they scored high enough, they qualified for the second round of MathCON in Chicago with the top 700 students in the nation.

Hinkle said she loves math but the test was difficult. The test consisted of subjects such as algebra and calculus.

“It was really hard and I didn’t know a lot of the answers,” Hinkle said. “I must have known the answers to probably 10 questions. The rest I just made educated guesses.”

The educated guesses worked because Hinkle scored better than 99.1 percent of all the students who took the test.

“I didn’t know much about it and I didn’t think I would do very well, that’s why I was surprised when I did so well,” she said. “I’m surprised and very excited.”

Three other GHS students scored high enough to be alternates for the competition. They included freshman Garrett Fender, who scored in the 98 percentile, and seniors Mark Babbe and Ty Wright, who both scored in the 93.6 percentile.

“I can’t express how proud we are of Averi here at Godley High School,” Luce said. “I always knew that Godley had some of the smartest and talented kids out there.”

Whenever Luce saw that Hinkle made it to second round of the competition, she went to Brown and asked if they could actually go to Chicago.

“And she said to me, ‘You know what, we’ll do whatever it takes to get her there,’” Luce said.

Hinkle will travel with Luce to Chicago on April 24 for the competition on April 25. The second round consists of a paper test of 40 questions in 70 minutes with no calculator.

Hinkle said she is excited to visit somewhere further away than Oklahoma.

“That’s as far as I’ve gone so I’m excited,” she said.

Luce said she has no doubt that Hinkle will do well in the second around. Top winners will receive cash prizes, which Hinkle said will be helpful for college.

She plans to attend the University of Texas at Arlington this fall and major in physics.

GHS senior to compete in math competition

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