From Cleburne to storage to Oklahoma what a long, strange trip it’s been for U.S. Navy Veteran  John Curtis Eubank’s grave marker. 

On Tuesday, however, thanks to the efforts of Cleburne’s American Legion Post 50 members, Eubank’s marker will be delivered to Minco, Oklahoma where, soon after, it will be officially placed at his grave site.

“My wife and I are going to take [the marker] to Minco Tuesday,” Post 50 Post Adjutant Ray Cram said. “We’ll make contact with Mr. Eubank’s family members, members of American Legion Post 54 in Chickasha and a monument company up there. It will take the monument company about 10 days to get the marker set and ready for placement. 

“So we will return for a placement ceremony at Evergreen Cemetery in Minco with family members of Mr. Eubank joining with members of our post and the Chickasha post.”

Cram and Post 50 Commander Allen Buckles informed the Times-Review earlier this month of their search for the rightful home of Eubank’s grave marker having at the time scant information to go on other than the fact that the marker had for some time been stored at Post 50.

Eubank — born Nov. 20, 1915, died Oct. 26, 1990, served as a seaman first class in the navy and was a veteran of World War II.

Buckles in early July said he believed that a couple who purchased a house in Cleburne found the marker and dropped it off at Post 50 a year or two earlier before Buckles’ time as commander. 

Buckles added that he had no additional information on Eubank at that time and hoped that a newspaper article might encourage any relatives or friends to contact the post so that Eubank’s marker could be returned to where it belongs.

A July 7 Times-Review article prompted calls to Cram and the paper.

Melinda Fowler of Worthington Monuments in Cleburne called the Times-Review with news that, through an internet search, she discovered Eubank’s burial location. 

Cram, upon being informed of Fowler’s news, said he also received a call earlier that same day from Susan Hensley, an Arlington woman, who also reported that Eubank is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. 

Hensley, who is active in genealogy was able to locate Eubank’s nephew, Steve Eubank, who Cram soon contacted himself.

How Eubank’s marker wound up in Cleburne remained a mystery still until additional readers of the Times-Review contacted Post 50, Cram said.

Through such calls Cram and Buckles learned that Eubank married Wave Pruit in 1985 during which time the couple lived in Fort Worth.

“When Eubank passed away in 1990, his wife ordered the Veterans Affairs grave stone marker for herself as a keepsake of her departed husband,” Cram said.

When Eubank’s wife passed away the marker went to her grandson, Mike Wilcox, who lived in Cleburne at the time. The Wilcox family moved to Granbury in 2016 at which time they left the marker at Post 50, Cram said adding that Wilcox was one of the readers who contacted the post.

The marker remained in storage at Post 50 until Buckles and Cram, both of whom were newly appointed to their posts at the time, ran across it. 

Buckles and Cram thanked those who provided information needed to get Eubank’s marker to its proper place and said they look forward to the upcoming ceremony to honor Eubank and his service.

The date of the ceremony remains to be determined, Cram said, though the plan is to hold it early next month.

“Our post is paying half the cost of Mr. Eubank’s headstone and Post 54 in Chickasha is paying the other half, so it won’t cost his family anything,” Cram said. 

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