Election results

It’s Election Day. Get live updates at www.cleburnetimesreview.com and www.facebook.com/ctrnews. Local results are gathered by our staff and winners called by us. Statewide, congressional district and presidential election results are reported and winners declared by the Associated Press, which is a trusted election news service. This post will be updated as results become available.


All published counts are unofficial until canvased by the candidate's party. 

Donald J TrumpRep2,58543,5198,41954,523
Joseph BidenDem2,06312,2612,09416,418
Jo JorgensenLib32553182767
Howie HawkinsGrn59442141
Write-In 3354179
United States Senator     
John CornynRep2,74143,3248,24154,306
Mary HegarDem1,86611,5891,97615,431
Kerry Douglas McKennonLib278892961,212
David B CollinsGrn22239107368
Write-In 210315
United States Representative, District 25     
Roger WilliamsRep2,70543,2608,27854,243
Julie OliverDem1,89211,3921,99115,275
Bill KelseyLib398473081,194
State BBMEVEDTotal
Railroad Commissioner     
James WrightRep2,67042,8678,13153,668
Chrysta CastanedaDem1,77811,1261,84014,744
Matt SterettLib681,2043641,636
Katija GrueneGrn23389138550
Chief Justice, Supreme Court     
Nathan HechtRep2,65342,8138,06853,534
Amy Clark MeachumDem1,84011,5431,96415,347
Mark AshLib541,1284161,598
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6     
Jane BlandRep2,68843,8578,43054,975
Kathy ChengDem1,81511,3721,96315,150
Justice Supreme Court, Place 7     
Jeff BoydRep2,61142,8528,08653,549
Staci WilliamsDem1,85111,4161,96315,230
William Bryan Strange IIILib461,0423701,458
Justice Supreme Court, Place 8     
Brett BusbyRep2,68243,0868,12453,892
Gisela D. TrianaDem1,77911,0811,87814,738
Tom OxfordLib671,2394401,746
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3     
Bert RichardsonRep2,64143,5188,28154,440
Elizabeth Davis FrizellDem1,87811,7562,10715,741
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4     
Kevin Patrick YearyRep2,64943,5868,31854,553
Tina ClintonDem1,85711,5252,02915,411
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9     
David NewellRep2,65143,7488,36954,768
Brandon BirminghamDem1,84311,3351,97215,150
Member, State Board of Educations, District 14     
Sue Melton-MaloneRep2,65443,2888,37854,320
Greg AlvordDem1,85811,5812,02415,463
State Senator, District 22     
Brian BirdwellRep2,75043,8718,48855,109
Robert VickDem1,78711,2541,90114,942
State Representative, District 58     
Dewayne BurnsRep2,71743,5438,36354,623
Cindy RochaDem1,80011,2231,99315,016
Justice, 10th Court of Appeals District, Place 2     
Matt JohnsonRep3,23446,5449,01658,794
Justice, 10th Court of Appeals District, Place 3     
John E. NeillRep3,33047,1559,10959,594
District Judge, 18th Judicial District     
Sydney B HewlettRep3,27846,7449,05959,081
District Judge, 413th Judicial District     
Bill BosworthRep3,29446,7389,01959,051
District Attorney, 18th Judicial District     
Dale HannaRep3,28946,2688,94158,498
County BBMEVEDTotal
County Attorney     
Bill MooreRep3,33346,9639,08059,376
Adam KingRep3,29746,8989,07059,265
County Tax Assessor-Collector     
Scott PorterRep3,43947,5249,14860,111
County Commissioner, Precinct 1     
Rick BaileyRep84310,5071,94713,297
County Commissioner, Precinct 3     
Mike WhiteRep59910,7941,87013,263
Chris EvansDem4323,8085364,776
Constable, Precinct 1     
Matt WylieRep82010,2911,90913,020
Constable, Precinct 2     
Adam CrawfordRep96712,4352,72016,122
Constable, Precinct 3     
Steve WilliamsRep71411,9512,05514,720
Constable, Precinct 4     
Troy FullerRep65310,3642,03313,050
Town of Cross Timbers, Texas BBMEVEDTotal
Brittany Beazley 236947
Bridgette Sisson 634848
Kellee Ball 2381151
Maudie Tarver 121325
Greg Peeples 323834
City of Venus BBMEVEDTotal
Omar Sebita 725623286
Jeanie Toland Scott 928619314
Member of Council, Place 4     
Geronimo Hernandez, Jr 729732336
Ricardo Lopez 82349251
Member of Council, Place 5     
Stephen Cook 315110164
Phyllis Lewis 924110260
Robert McCurdy 314119163
City of Rio Vista BBMEVEDTotal
Council Member, Place 3     
Jacob LeJeune 14662109
Ruth Hardin 12344995
Council Member, Place 4     
Brenda Hall 93556100
Kyletha Sanchez 44256102
Council Member, Place 5     
Georgia Jones 104154105
Tina M. Miller 1193353
Michelle Coffin 22123 
Proposition A - Re-authorization of the local sales and use tax within the City of Rio Vista at a rate of 1/2% for maintenance of existing city services, capital improvements and repair of municipla streets and roads.     
For 126881161
Against 0122941
City of Mansfield BBMEVEDTotal
Council Member, Place 6     
Phillip De Groat 2331637376
Todd Tonore 3138136448
Council Member, Place 7     
Larry Broseh 3954663648
Mayor, Place 1, Unexpired Term     
George Fassett 88711106
Brent Newsom 1717122210
Terry Moore 964881
Michael Evans 3148441556
Council Member, Place 2, Unexpired Term     
Skeeter Pressley 1414617177
Tamera J Bounds 2936741437
Scot Bowman 1223317262
Proposition A - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to delete matters contrary to or superseded by state law with regard to qualifications for candidates for City Council, the Department of Taxation and amending the Charter by deleting Subsection 3.02(c) and Section 9.15 and revising Section 12.12?     
For 3745851546
Against 2628224332
Proposition B - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to delete the procedure for appointing the Mayor Pro Tem, thereby allowing the Council to establish the procedure by revising Subsection 3.06(b)?     
For 3338538456
Against 2936036425
Proposition C - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to require one reading for the approval of all ordinances save and except ordinances changing a zoning classification or approving a planned development zoning, which shall require at least two readings by revising Section 3.13(c)?     
For 2750653586
Against 3625121308
Proposition D - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to provide that the City Manager may be removed by an affirmative vote of four (4) members of the City Council instead of five (5) by revising Subsection 6.01(b)?     
For 3643749522
Against 2532825378
Proposition E - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to establish the duties of the City Secretary, provide that the City Council appoint the City Attorney and the City Secretary, and may remove each by an affirmative vote of four (4) members by adding Section 6.03 and revising Section 8.05?     
For 4948652587
Against 1322917259
Proposition F - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to require members of the Planning and Zoning Commission be residents, but need not own property in Mansfield and to delete the requirement that a member resign their position before running for City Council by revising Section 10.01?     
For 3037041441
Against 3335535423
Proposition G - Shall the Mansfield Home Rule Charter be amended to provide that a quorum of the City Council shall be four (4) Council Members, that three (3) members shall be required to call a special meeting or to approve an emergency ordinance by revising Sections 3.09 and 3.14?     
For 4350361607
Against 2022012252
City of Keene BBMEVEDTotal
Samantha Gillin 1912463206
Kevin Michael Romanelli 2112952202
Gary Heinrich 74270141485
Place 1     
Gilbert Perez II 2513269226
Lisa Parrish 49277127453
Cheryle Schram 349755186
Place III     
Phillip Jackson 36195105336
Ray Johnson 2511648189
James Belz 4519593333
Ward II     
Gwen Beeson 64266143473
Thomas Gutwa 46244111401
City of Joshua BBMEVEDTotal
City Council, Place 2     
Doug Taylor 61216117394
Julian Torrez 2815375256
Mike Kidd 38282140460
City Council, Place 5     
Robert Fleming 111576290977
City of Godley BBMEVEDTotal
Acy McGhee 428170355
Michael Papenfuss 216349214
Tom Frazier 115529185
City of Burleson BBMEVEDTotal
Chris Fletcher 3665,7541,5577,677
Ken Shetter 5133,2957994,607
Council Place 2     
Rick Green 7217,1471,8969,764
Council Place 4     
Todd K. Hulsey 4644,0131,0905,567
Tamara Payne 3744,4911,0825,947
Council Place 6     
Ronnie Johnson 7297,2041,9169,849
City of Alvarado BBMEVEDTotal
Proposition 1     
For 3156056647
Against 867782
City of Cleburne BBMEVEDTotal
Scott Cain 5815,8109497,340
Tommy Molloy 1039221671,192
John Paul Lowery 698541761,099
Councilmember, District 1     
Derek Weathers 1811,4222071,810
Councilmember, District 4     
John Warren 54690208952
Venus Independent School District BBMEVEDTotal
Board of Trustees Place 6     
Greg Hoffman 2851063601
Randall A Buck 2133164416
Ben Clopton 981898
Board of Trustees Place 7     
Tasha Gore 3148063574
Barbara Clopton 12721397
Linda Taylor 1937759455
Mansfield Independent School District BBMEVEDTotal
Trustee, Place 6     
Warren Davis 86854991,039
Trustee, Place 7     
Yolanda E. McPherson 3635038424
Corinne Fiagone 2719019236
Courtney Lackey Wilson 3143554520
Grandview Independent School District  EVEDTotal
Proposition A - The issuance of $6,000,000 of bonds by the grandview independent school district for the acquisition, construction, renovations and equipment of school facilities in the district and levying the tax in payment thereof. This is a property tax increase.     
For 42514144700
Against 47358102507
Granbury Independent School District BBMEVEDTotal
Granbury ISD Trustee, Unopposed Place 1     
Mike Moore 1731351
Granbury ISD Trustee, Place 2     
Barbara Herrington 1626244
Travis Johnson 511319
Godley Independent School District BBMEVEDTotal
Board of Trustees     
Jeff Pate 928158348
Craig Stevenson 24545116685
Greg L. Miller 1549078583
Graig Fancher 2130030351

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