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Learning how to read is difficult, but it’s even more difficult when there’s a language barrier.

Jack Taylor Elementary School in Burleson hosts a Latino Family Literacy Project from 5-7 p.m. every Tuesday at the JTES library.

Burleson ISD Director of Communications Mikala Hill said this is the fifth year for the program, and the turnout is large with at least 30-50 people per week.

“The goal is to create an inviting atmosphere for parents who would like to create a stronger learning environment in their home,” Hill said. “If offers them an opportunity to learn how to teach literacy to their children by asking them reflective questions as they read, to make predictions and to ask them questions about what they’re thinking as they read.

“Parents who attend this program also have a chance to learn more English as they move through the program, and they build relationships with other parents who go through this program.”

BISD At Risk Coordinator Mary Villafrance said though she is new to BISD she is familiar with the project.

“This program here is one of the best programs that I’ve ever seen,” Villafrance said.

Villafrance said while parents learn to read books and vocabulary during the program, students are broken into groups so they can perform fun activities.

“Sometimes the parents will bring some snacks for the students and for themselves to snack on,” Villafrance said. “It’s like a snack potluck.”

Villafrance said it’s important for the parents to learn the things they are taught so they can teach their kids.

“The goal is for the parents to be able to read a book in Spanish and in English so they can go home and read that same book to their child,” Villafrance said.

Superintendent Bret Jimerson said the program is important for establishing a relationship between the school and the parent.

“We believe the partnership between the home and the school is an important part of each student’s success,” Jimerson said. “The Family Literacy Project offers us a way to continue this initiative.”

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