Jaylynn Cauthen

Rio Vista ISD Superintendent Jaylynn Cauthen, right, listens to students speak during the Student Advisory Committee meeting.

A new committee being launched at Rio Vista ISD aims to provide an avenue of participation and involvement of secondary student leaders in the district.

RVISD Superintendent Jaylynn Cauthen recently created the Rio Vista ISD Student Advisory Committee, which will offer advice on student concerns to her from the perspective of students in the district.

“There has never been a Superintendent’s Advisory Committee at Rio Vista ISD,” Cauthen said. “So I’m very excited to start it. Most school districts do have a student advisory committee but this is the first one for us.”

Cauthen solicited nominations from faculty and staff members to choose four high school students, four middle school students and two higher elementary students and two younger elementary students to serve on the committee.

“I asked them to choose students who represent the student body well,” she said. “We wanted to make sure all organizations were covered. We have a very good capture of the student body that’s represented.”

The committee, which will meet once a month, met for the first time on Oct. 7.

“I just want to hear their opinion and where their student body is at,” Cauthen said.

During their first meeting, the committee discusses the goals and visions for their future.

“Their job is to go back to their campuses and communicate what we talked about out to their student body in whatever form or fashion they come up with,” Cauthen said.

All staff has input into the agenda items throughout the month, she said.

“RVISD has teachers who really care, small class sizes, buildings are not crowded, interactive panels a bit hit, extracurricular teachers are fired up and school pride is amplified,” the SAC members reported during their first meeting.

For information about the SAC or Rio Vista ISD, visit rvisd.net.

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