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Life feels like a whirlwind right now. Can anyone relate?

I’m filling my days with all of the tasks necessary to begin my new real estate business while still trying to maintain my counseling career and be a present, engaged mommy.

When the Lord encouraged me to pursue this new endeavor, I knew that it would take some time to launch; however, I did not realize it would take three months of consistent investment.

Of course, I must invest in my new business long-term ... but I will not be overwhelmed by the initial launching process in a few months.

I just keep telling myself that after three more weeks of initial training, my schedule will be my own again. Although I will be available to serve my clients, I will be able to work within my parameters so that I can consistently invest in my family.

I know God is in this. If I put in the effort now, this career allows me to be more available for the people I love in the future.

Priorities. Balance. Prayer.

I know I cannot get through this season without a lot of prayer. I must ask Jesus what my schedule needs to look like so that I keep him and my family first.

Thankfully, the real estate company I chose to work with was founded by a Christian whose values are No. 1 God; No. 2 family; and No. 3 business. These values make a difference.

My personal values are No. 1 God; No. 2 family and friends; and No. 3 ministry.

In this season, my ministry looks like serving my clients. In the future, It may look very different.

I have learned that I just need to trust him in each season, because no season lasts forever.

As parents age, children grow up, and priorities change, our lives begin to look different. Therefore, I no longer get too comfortable with where I am.

Next week or next year, the Lord may call me to readjust my perspective and my priorities. That’s what it means to trust him, rely on him and surrender to him.

I just have to be willing to say “yes” in the moment.

For now, my “yes” involves a willingness to pursue real estate to lay the financial foundation for future ministry. I am believing Jesus will meet me at my “yes” and guide me through this season with grace ad gentleness.

He knows I will not give up my values. He knows my husband and daughter will always take precedent over making money. He knows that I believe him at his word, “You cannot serve both God and wealth.” (Matthew 6:24, NASB)

This said, I trust him to keep me grounded. I trust him to help me know when to work and when to pour into my family. I do not want to have regret.

I truly believe if I lean into him and ask what each day should look like, he will be faithful to establish my priorities for me.

One of the lessons he has taught me over the last three years is to relax and focus on the next step.

I do not have to have all of the answers. I do not have to have my life planned out. I do not have to strive. But, I do have to ask him to reveal my next thing.

Each morning, I need to get out of bed and inquire, “Lord, where should I focus today? Who needs my time the most? How can I best serve You? How can I show love to my family?”

If I am faithful to listen to Him and follow his lead, I believe I will have very few regrets. I may steer myself the wrong way, but He will never misdirect me.

One day he may tell me to stay home and play with my daughter all day. Then, He may remind me to spend a day having her help me make gifts for clients and deliver them to demonstrate service and appreciation.

The next day, he could encourage me to set up a play date for her while I counsel clients in the morning and then enlist her to clean house with me in the afternoon in order to establish responsibility.

Some may say that I need to have a weekly plan and a schedule. I think a tentative plan is a great guideline, but quite honestly, I believe that intimacy with God looks like dependence on him moment by moment. And when this involves him changing my plan, then I need to trust him with all my heart, acknowledge him and allow him to direct my path. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

We miss a lot of amazing opportunities when we do not allow him to lead ... and we fail to demonstrate for our children the incredible blessings we reap when we obediently follow him.

I will not lie. This new season is stressful. It is a test of my discipline and my ability to multi-task.

But, it is also a test of my obedience, faithfulness, trust and reliance on my Father.

As stressful as it may be, I guarantee it would be exceedingly more stressful if I was not operating within his will.

Thus, I will stay the course. I will work diligently and with integrity. I will love my family well. And, most importantly, I will draw near to Jesus and let him guide each day.

I encourage you to do the same. You do not have to do everything; just do what is next.

When life seems overwhelming, take the time to ask him where your focus should be in this season. He speaks to your mind through the small, still voice of the Holy Spirit. Get quiet and listen. You will be so glad you did.

Misty Shultz holds master’s degrees in marriage and

family counseling and

Christian education. She

can be reached at


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