John Dang

Former Cleburne doctor John Dang arrives for his pre-trial hearing today in the 413th District Court.

For former Cleburne doctor John Dang, 2020 is no improvement over 2019 or 2018 for that matter.

In addition to charges brought those previous two years, Dang now faces additional indictments for sexual assault and theft. Johnson County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Ronny McBroom on Thursday set Dang’s bonds at $100,000 on the first charge and $500,000 on the second.

Dang allegedly inappropriately touched the sexual organ of a female patient on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30, 2014, without the patient’s consent and by exploiting the patient’s “emotional dependence on the defendant,” according to the first indictment.

According to the second indictment, Dang, between June 1, 2015, and March 1, 2019, “pursuant to one scheme and continuing course of conduct, unlawfully appropriated, by acquiring or otherwise exercising control over property” steal more than $300,000 in cash without the victims’ consent.

The indictment provides no details of the alleged thefts but does list 18 victims.

Court officials said the sexual assault indictment is part of an ongoing case for which Dang received multiple indictments last year. The theft indictment may be tried as a separate case, officials said.

Dang has been jailed at the Johnson County Jail since last year in lieu of $1,050,000 worth of bonds on previous charges.

Dang, during several 2019 pre-trial hearings, requested a bond reduction arguing that he was unable to make bail. 413th District Judge Bill Bosworth each time said more information is needed concerning Dang’s financial situation before such a request can be considered.

Dang arrived at one pre-trial hearing with stitches and bruises following an altercation with another inmate.

In addition to his new indictments, Dang still faces five previous indictments on charges of sexual assault against former patients and a charge of insurance fraud.

Dang’s trial, scheduled to begin July 20, has been indefinitely delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and until jury trials resume at the Guinn Justice Center.

Dang is also named in an unrelated, and still pending, lawsuit filed by Johnson County in 2018. That suit targets pharmaceuticals and other defendants allegedly connected to opioid abuse instances.

Dang’s downtown Cleburne medical clinic shuttered suddenly in April 2018 shortly after the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended Dang’s state medical license pending further orders. The same board, in December 2018, ordered Dang’s license suspended and his former clinic was soon put up for sale.

Department of Labor officials seized records from Dang’s clinic in May 2007, as well as records from the clinics of several other Texas doctors. 

Dang’s attorney at that time, Cynthia Orr of San Antonio, said she did not know why Dang was being investigated by the Department of Labor and that officials at the time did not respond to phone calls for comment.

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