Car into city hall

Police report no injuries from a Thursday morning traffic accident in which a Ford Explorer ran into the back of Cleburne City Hall. 

Police report no injuries from a Thursday morning traffic accident in which a Ford Explorer ran into the back of Cleburne City Hall. Cleburne police and firefighters responded to the crash about 9:30 a.m.

“The Ford was traveling westbound over the Henderson Street overpass and basically left the road and slid on the ice right through the back parking lot of city hall into the building,” Cleburne Assistant Chief Craig Huskey said.

The driver, a male, was the only occupant of the vehicle and was not injured. The man told rescue workers that a medical issue must have occurred before the crash causing him to go off the road. Although the Ford sustained front end damage, city hall appears to be OK, Huskey said.

“It looks like the building handled it pretty well,” Huskey said. “It's obviously a tough old building because the truck popped it pretty good.”

Police Chief Rob Severance said officers otherwise have responded to several wrecks over the past few days of inclement weather but that none have resulted in serious injuries or deaths.

That, other than the one incident, remained the case throughout Thursday morning, Huskey said.

“Nothing serious traffic wise,” Huskey said. “It's been like it has the past few days. Driving down Henderson Street I noticed that temperatures are getting up enough that ice and snow is starting to melt in the middle of the road so that's good. But it's not warm enough today to completely melt it so everyone still needs to be careful and watch out.

“There's actually been quite a few people on the roads. I say a lot but there's still quite a bit of traffic. More than we would hope for anyway considering how many places are still shut down. But, a lot of people are still needing to get to work and do what they have to do and we haven't really seen any people just screwing around out here, which is good.”

Huskey and Severance nonetheless advised residents to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

County wise, Sheriff Adam King reported no serious accidents as of Thursday morning.

“It's like it has been since this weather started, knock on wood,” King said. “We've had some incidents out in the county but nothing major or serious. A lot I think is that people are just staying home if they don't have to get out.”

King reminded those without power or otherwise stranded to call 911.

“We'll get them to a shelter or church or whatever help they need,” King said. “We've actually been referring them to a group of people in a Jeep club. They have the vehicles to handle this kind of weather so I thought it was pretty awesome when I heard they were volunteering to do this.”

Matthew Gee said he and other Jeep owners in the area are happy to help out and are working with area churches, hospitals and others to get word out.

“We're all members of the North Texas Jeep Club but we're doing this more just as a group of Jeep owners in the area than officially through the club.”

Gee said he's received 1,500 to 2,000 calls over the last few days some from as far away as Austin and Houston.

“We're in Cleburne right now to help get a guy to a dialysis appointment,” Gee said. “Otherwise me and another Jeep family have been out driving around this morning pulling people out of ditches and just trying to do what we can to help.”

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