Downtown Cleburne

While the main roads were well traveled by Tuesday afternoon, most side roads were still covered in snow and ice.

Cleburne is not under a boil water notice, Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain said Wednesday.

Cain sought to clarify and stop the spread of that and other weather-related rumors circulating social media.

“If your water comes from the city of Cleburne, your water is safe," he said.

Confusion circled after the Johnson County Special Utility District issued a boil order at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“Boiling water is instructed out of caution,” according to a post on the JCSUD page. “Your water should be safe, but once notified, please boil water until later notified that the water quality is safe.”

JCSUD officials said they are working with energy providers to ensure that water service resumes as soon as possible. The estimated restoration is Friday or Saturday.

The order mainly effects those outside city limits.

Cain also said there is room for those without power to keep warm at the Cleburne Conference Center, which the city opened to the public on Monday.

“We have plenty of space for shelter at the conference center,” he said. “We are feeding those sheltering and following COVID safety.”

Those who need a ride to the shelter can call Cleburne Police Department at 817-645-0972 to arrange transportation.

“We have back-up plans for overflow but are nowhere near needing them at this time,” he said.

The continued power outages spread across the city are not based on the property owner's wealth, Cain said.

“We have no control over who has and has no power — Oncor makes that decision and they are not communicating with us,” he said.

As far as animals, Cain said the city staff is protecting the animals at Cleburne Animal Shelter. They have several back-up plans in place to take care of the animals.

“People going to the shelter can bring their pets as we have kennels available,” he said.

Before the bad weather hit, city staff transported known homeless to hotels for shelter and continue to patrol the city to find others needing shelter. They also have staff making wellness checks when they are notified of a need.

“City staff continually meets virtually to make contingency plans and adjust to protect our community and community assets,” Cain said. “I have been in some of these meetings and they are doing a great job under trying circumstances.”

Several of the city staff are among those without power, but they continue to work on protecting the community, he said.

“When this is over, there will be time to reflect, improve and visit accountability,” he said. "For now, please continue to check on one another and let us know when you have first hand knowledge of a need.

“I am proud of how many in our community are helping one another. Keep it up Cleburne and let’s all work the problem. When the thaw comes this weekend, we are all going to have to work together to repair and recover.”

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