DALLAS (AP) — A Texas woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones, saying her buttocks was severely burned when she sat on a bench outside Cowboys Stadium.

In a lawsuit filed last week in Tarrant County, Jennelle Carrillo said the black marble bench was in direct sunlight on a hot August afternoon before a Cowboys scrimmage in 2010. A weather official says the high temperature on that day was 101 degrees.

Carrillo’s lawyer, Michael Wash, said his client didn’t know the extent of the burns until after receiving medical attention. The lawsuit claims she was hospitalized and underwent skin grafts.

The lawsuit claims there were no warnings about sitting on the benches in hot weather.

Carrillo filed suit against the Cowboys last week in the 153rd District Court in Tarrant County. In the suit, Carrillo claims the named defendants had a duty to inspect the premises and maintain them in “reasonably safe” conditions.

Carrillo, according to court filings, sat on a black marble bench located outside of entrance E to the stadium, which sat uncovered and exposed to the “extremely hot August sun.”

Carillo’s lawsuit alleges that stadium officials provided no signs or other warnings about the dangerous conditions of the hot bench, and that she suffered third-degree burns, had to be admitted to the hospital and underwent skin grafts and other treatments for her injuries.

The defendants, according to Carrillo’s suit, knew or should have known that the bench posed an “unreasonably dangerous condition” but took not reasonable steps to protect Carrillo or other patrons from possible injury.

In her case filing, Carrillo alleges physical pain, impairment and disfigurement and mental anguish among other injuries as well as medical costs and loss of earning capacity. In her filing, Carrillo calls for a jury trial on the matter.

Attempts to reach Carrillo for comment on the case were unsuccessful. 

Wash on Friday said he does not know why Carrillo waited two years to file the case other than to suggest that it may relate to investigation into the incident and the healing process of her injuries.

Wash said the defendants have yet to answer the charges in the case and added that it’s too early to estimate a trial or settlement date.


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