Kay McCready walks up her gravel driveway to County Road 1022 and continues down the narrow road watching closely for cars as she points out problem areas and relays her frustrations.

“[County Commissioner R.C.] McFall has done a lot of good projects,” McCready said. “But we need help here.”

Here is the road running in front of McCready and her neighbor David Estes’ property about a mile south of Farm-to-Market Road 917 in an area Joshua annexed several years ago and that recently came back under Johnson County’s purview.

“Every time we get a heavy rain, parts of the road wash away,” McCready said. “It’s so uneven, it’s like riding a roller coaster.”

The road is narrow with steep drop-offs and edges broken away.

“I’ve lived here since 1999 and this is the third time the roads have washed out,” McCready said.

Estes continued the list of problems.

“None of the drainage ditches or culverts hardly work,” he said. “If they were cleaned, they could handle a moderate rain. But they need to be dug out to handle heavy rainfall.”

Estes said the narrow road and the drop-offs cause more serious problems.

“I’ve seen two serious wrecks and nearly been hit coming out of my driveway several times,” Estes said.

Estes said he drives a truck with a trailer and has to back up several times just to get out of his driveway onto the road. He also complained of flooding from property behind him, which washed trash onto his property and across CR 1022 into his neighbor’s property. Estes said his trash container washed into the road and one of the railroad ties used to shore up his driveway wound up across the street in the middle of his neighbor’s field. McCready likewise pointed to spots where her gravel driveway had washed away.

“I’ve had to fix my driveway going on to the road four times because of the difference from there to the drop-off,” Estes said. “If there were more road base, bigger culverts and drainage they wouldn’t flood and wash out.”

McCready said she’s called Joshua City Hall and McFall several times.

“Each say the area belongs to the other and nothing much gets done,” McCready said.

Standing in the roadside ditch, mostly filled with dried mud, McCready points to recently laid patches of asphalt skirting the road’s edge. She calls the work a bandage and hardly a proper repair as she indicates areas where the asphalt has already split from the road.

McFall said he is aware of the problem and is working toward a solution.

“I’ve looked it over and they do have problems on that road,” McFall said. “We’re going to get there, but it takes time. We had a bunch of roads messed up from the rain and we’re trying to get caught up.”

McFall said heavy-truck traffic from gas exploration companies coupled with 370 miles of road in Precinct 1 and the aftermath of recent rainstorms supply his crew with plenty of roads in need of repair.

“We just recently got those roads back from Joshua,” McFall said. “I knew when [Joshua] annexed them it would be a headache, because they don’t have the equipment to maintain them.”

McFall said he doesn’t believe CR 1022 can be widened unless property owners are willing to sell part of their land. He agreed to investigate both that and the matter of flooding from land above Estes and McCready’s property onto CR 1022 to determine what, if anything, the county can do.

Estes said he hopes something happens soon, but is losing hope.

“I’m tired of hearing, I want to see some action,” Estes said. I’ve spent way too much money fixing where the road meets my driveway.”

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