GRANDVIEW — Police Chief Don Mitchell received authorization Thursday from the City Council to purchase new uniforms and equipment for his department.

Mitchell requested the purchase of new uniforms for two officers, three new shotguns and two or three new radar guns. Council members agreed to allow Mitchell to use funds in the restricted K-9 account, which previously went toward the maintenance of Luke, the city’s police dog, and the police-dog program.

But last year’s city budget crisis led to several layoffs, including the officer trained to work with Luke. For that reason, the city voted to sell the dog late last year.

Proceeds from the sale coupled with seizure dollars collected left $7,800 in the K-9 account, said Cheryl Hazelwood, public accountant for Grandview. She said $6,600 remained once residents who had donated money to buy Luke were reimbursed.

“This is one of those legal things; the money in that account is restricted for the K-9 program only,” Hazelwood said. “But now that we no longer have a K-9 unit, the council needs to designate how to use those funds.”

Mitchell said he will use the funds for the shotguns and radar guns and, if necessary, uniforms. Mitchell said other city funds already budgeted for uniform replacement may prove sufficient.

The council also authorized the purchase and installation of a new gear box at the wastewater sewer plant at a cost of $1,200. Mayor Brandon Wright said the old gear box was in dire need of replacement, adding that it cost less to buy a new unit than to repair the old one.

Hazelwood said city finances are healthy and that Grandview is sitting with revenues $84,000 over expenditures as of Dec. 31. Hazelwood and members of the council stressed that the city remains committed to keeping money in the bank to pay upcoming obligations instead of spending it as previous administrations did, which, they said, led to last year’s budget crisis.

“We have money sitting in the bank right now, but it’s money already committed to upcoming bills,” Hazelwood said. “We budgeted for $300,000 in tax collections this year and $300,000 in expenditures, so we should end the year with a zero balance.”

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