The city of Godley and two of its officers are being sued for allegedly tackling, Tasing and handcuffing the wrong man for a minor traffic violation. 

Godley Police Chief James Healy confirmed that Burleson resident Carlos Sanders filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit this week against the cities of Mansfield, Godley and Godley police officers Greg Sharp and Joseph Owens. 

Sanders alleges that police burst into his home, tackled him and Tased him before placing him in handcuffs and into a patrol car, according to a local news station. Sanders is asking for more than $75,000. 

Healy said as of Wednesday the parties listed had not been served and he could not comment on the pending suit or what it entailed. 

In a statement, Healy urged Godley residents to feel safe in their homes.

“The Godley officers are not thugs running amok in the streets,” he said. “The two officers were in Burleson working with a multi-agency task force for a warrant roundup. These officers, as well as the others on the task force, were given warrants from different agencies to serve in a specific geographical area.”

By phone, Healy said that his officers knocked on Sanders’ door and gave him the “opportunity to step away from his house, the opportunity to identify himself, and he refused.” 

He said that his officers did detain the wrong man but were serving a warrant for someone with the same name for another agency and were at the address listed on the warrant.   

“The way it works is this, if we go out and we make contact with somebody on these warrant roundups, you have to verify that [the warrant] is good,” Healy said. “If it turns out not to be good or if you get the wrong person, then you release them and you’re done.” 

Healy said Sanders was given medical treatment on scene and released. Healy said he and Sanders later spoke by phone but Sanders declined to come to the police station to file a complaint or tell his side of the story. 

“The officers were cleared of wrong doing and did not violate policy,” he said. “... If Mr. Sanders had spoken with the officers they would have learned that there was a mistake on the warrant and none of this would have happened.

“We are not perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but this one could have been avoided with a one-minute conversation.” 



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