You all know by now my utter disdain for reality television shows. I did, however, recently stumble across one that caught my attention — but not necessarily for good reasons.

ABC’s newest reality show this spring is called “True Beauty.” Ten people who believe they are the most beautiful in the nation are housed together in a mansion in Los Angeles. Wait, that’s the setting for every reality show on TV. So what makes “True Beauty” different?

The twist is that the contestants aren’t being judged solely on their looks. They are also being examined on their inner beauty through tests and situations that cause them to make moral decision. The latter part is unknown to them.

The show is quite entertaining but also appalling as you watch the contestants and the decisions they make.

On Tuesday’s episode, they were divided into groups of three and given $100 to clothe all members of their group for a fashion show. The teams raced around, trying to convince people to give them clothes or money.

In one group, two members lied to innocent people on the street, telling them that anything they gave would go to needy children. One man took the shirt off his back and gave it to them. One of the girls on the team pulled the watch off a guy’s wrist.

Some of the “tests” are a little off. In one episode, the contestants were taken to a doctor who scientifically measured their beauty. Based on a scale of 100, they were given the number of beauty they were. Some of them argued that physical beauty cannot be measured, and I agree. The real test, however, was whether they would look at everyone’s medical files that were left in the office when they were alone.

When the contestants aren’t being put through difficult tests they know nothing about, they sit around and talk about how beautiful they are and how jealous people are of them.

Of course, then you have the usual trash talk about the other house members and other useless chatter that goes along with putting a bunch of strangers together in one house.

I immediately started pulling for Julia, a 23-year-old from Dallas. She is a former Miss Grapevine and Miss Teen Texas. She seems the most homely of all of them. She is, after all, a Texan.

Only time will tell though whether she has the true inner beauty the judges are looking for.

Viewers of the show share their thoughts on the site’s message board. Some discuss whether they would have passed or failed the tests that the contestants went through.

The show is one of those that you can’t help but watch, no matter how much it makes you cringe at times. It makes me wonder what me wonder what people really think sometimes.

If the contestants knew they were being tested on inner beauty, surely they would be on their best behavior.

In our everyday lives, are we on our best behavior or trying to compete for the best?

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