My fiance and I recently bought a house.

He has moved in, and I now have the task of going through my things and deciding what I want or need to keep and what I can get rid of.

While sorting through old papers, I came across a booklet of papers that struck my interest.

It was a yearbook of sorts that our high school’s graduating class put together with our memories.

The blue cover reads “Stilwater High School PIONEERS Class of 2003.”

Each entry lists the person’s favorite song/band/artist, their most memorable or embarrassing moment in high school, and their plans for the future, with one of their senior pictures next to it.

Musical groups listed include Gwen Stefani, Lonestar, Aerosmith, Madonna and others. Mine, of course, was Garth Brooks.

My most memorable moment read:

“We were tp-ing one of the sophomore’s house the night before school, and we got caught by her older brother and his friends. They chased us down the road with eggs and water balloons. Then they followed us to the gas station and soaked the insides of our cars.”

The story brought back memories of senior year.

It was a tradition each year that the senior girls TP-ed the sophomore girls’ houses the night before school started as a type of hazing.

We got to the last house we were TP-ing that night and started working, throwing the toilet paper rolls in the trees and sticking plastic forks in the yard.

We finished and started running back to our cars, which we had parked several houses down the road.

We started to feel something was up, and as we approached our vehicles, we saw Saran Wrap around them.

We turned around to see the girl’s older brother, who was a football player, and half the football team chasing us, throwing water balloons and eggs.

We managed to cut the Saran Wrap and get in the car and headed down to a gas station around the corner.

We realized they had followed us, and they grabbed the hose from the gas station and starting spraying our cars.

What a memory, to say the least.

The senior girls also did all sorts of other things, such as making our own T-shirts to wear the first day, and standing out in the parking lot with whistles and refusing to allow any of the sophomores to park in our “senior” parking lot.

Senior year was entertaining, to say the least, although mainly just another year of school, but we all had one foot out the door the entire year.

My sister is a senior this year, and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

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