Learning to drive is a scary thing. What’s even scarier is teaching someone to drive.

I remember learning to drive.

It started way back when I was just 5. My dad used to let me sit on his lap, hold the steering wheel and “drive” the long dirt road off the highway that led to Grandma’s house. My brother, sister and I all started driving at Grandma’s farm before taking the wheel anywhere else.

When I was 14 or 15, he started letting me drive his truck in the church parking lot. That’s where I really learned to drive.

I had one of the last classes of driver’s ed that was offered during school. The teachers would take four students driving a day while the rest stayed in the classroom to do boring paperwork and tests. I was lucky to be one of the driving instructor’s favorite students, so when we had a free day I was one of the students who got to drive extra.

We would drive to a nearby town and stop at a gas station for snacks.

Nothing funny really happened to me while I was learning to drive, but I figured some of our readers might have funny stories to tell, so I posted the question of the day on Facebook: “Who taught you to drive? Did anything funny or interesting happen to you during driver’s ed or learning to drive?”

I got a few responses that I’d like to share.

Many readers said their dad or stepdad taught them to drive.

“My stepdad. He was a drivers ed teacher,” Dede Quattlebaum Cashion said. “He made me rotate the tires. Glad he did because I don’t need a man to do it for me. Thanks, David!!!”

Angela Valentine said: “My dad taught me to drive some 29 years ago in the Nolan River Mall parking lot. Man of much patience.”

I must say, anyone who is teaching someone else to drive must have patience. There’s no other way to get it done.

There were a couple of stories about pranks the drivers ed teachers pulled on the students.

“In the spring of 1973, I was taking drivers ed at Coleman School,” Gay Renae Norman said. “Charles Head was my actual driving instructor. The cars had steering wheels and brakes on both the driver’s and passenger’s side.

“Mr. Head told me to go back. So, I put the car in reverse, put my arm on the seat and looked back. I gave it gas — no go. I kept trying — no go. I looked to make sure it was in reverse, etc. Mr. Head had his foot on the brake and was laughing his butt off.”

Of course, there always has be one scary driver in the bunch. In this case, it was Darlene Moore.

“In my day we could get our driver’s license at 15,” Moore said. “The first time I got behind the wheel was in my first driver’s ed class. The teacher told me to step on the brake — I stomped on it, squealed the tires and fishtailed the rear end! The next sound I heard was the click of all my passenger’s seat belts being fastened!”

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