Two of my co-workers have the “latest and greatest” in cell phone technology. And it seems like every day they have a new gadget for that phone. One day it’s a cat that mimics you, the next it is a new sound-making device. Truthfully,  I live vicariously through them with the new apps and latest gizmo.

Truth is, I have a hand-me-down phone from my son. Yes that’s right, my 16-year-old has a phone that begins with a letter.

So, the other night, while I was debating on whether an upgrade would be beneficial to me, I began to review the  benefits of my phone ... so here is my list of phone apps.

• I call this the mole app. My phone sinks. And buries itself in the lower depths of my purse. I precariously perch it on the top of all my things in my purse and low and behold ... the mole app takes over and VOILA ... It has burrowed its way to the bottom. Making that much harder to find when it rings. Priceless app indeed.

• The fuzzy font app: This particular phone model also automatically changes font sizes. It seems like the further I hold my arm out in front of me, the easier it is to read. Hm ... And forget trying to read a text message in that tiny little font ... My son told me that is the largest font available on the phone.  Thank goodness for $1 reading glasses. Shout AMEN if you are hearing me.

• And I know some of you readers have the smartphone app. You know the app. The one that allows your phone to ring at the most inopportune time. Like in church, during a job interview or meeting, while you are trying to sleep or, yes, my favorite, while you are in the restroom. I think this app is free.

• And last but not least, the vanishing app. It seems that this silly phone has a special app to hide all text while in the sun. A sun-screen of sorts, to block the viewing screen from the harmful UV rays of the sun. (Not recommended for use in Texas or sunny California.)  I have found myself at a park or poolside, hunkering down near some shade, covering the screen with my hand to read a text or incoming call, only to find that the fuzzy font app has also been activated. RATS.

And if that just wasn’t enough to make me want to hold on tightly to this advance piece of technology. Come by and watch me try to type a text message. As I painfully pound one tiny key with my fingernail, many times in a row only to come up with single letter I need to complete a word. Trust me, my text messages are short and sweet. I may be operating on the worlds fastest technology network, but believe me, I am driving in the right-hand lane.

Upon review of my list of apps, I gave in to my app-envy and made the call to my service provider to see when I was eligible for a phone upgrade. The nice phone operator, with a thick foreign accent, did a quick survey of my phone needs so as to custom-fit me with the perfect phone. Impressive.

Good news ... I am eligible for an upgrade.

 I just hope I can get my Jitterbug in purple!

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