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For over 127 years, Southwestern Adventist University employees have focused on providing a Christ-centered education for all the students who come on their campus.

Over 127 years ago, a group of dedicated people, after much prayerful consideration, selected property in rural Texas to be a place for Christ-centered education — Southwestern Adventist University. The founders prepared both vocational and academic curriculum that would help to develop students with the knowledge and skills needed.

Carrying on the vision of their founders, SWAU employees are the shapers of the Christ-centered culture of the campus. The administration helps to ensure that the vision is followed; devoted staff assist and support an environment where students can learn, while our highly qualified faculty bring to the classroom expertise and experience that is designed to help our students grow. 

SWAU’s purpose is to inspire knowledge, faith and service through Christ-centered education. They exist to help expand and deepen our students’ knowledge as they prepare for the career of their choice. 

Knowledge of God is the foundation for their faith. Faith in God and his promises impact every aspect of student life. Faith is strengthened in the classrooms, fostered in small group meetings, deepened in worship services and lived out in daily life.

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Christ-centeredness is all about the individual — student, alumni, staff, faculty or administrator — personally following Christ’s leading for their life. This is called discipleship. While we are developing leaders, the first and most important step in leadership is becoming a disciple of Jesus. As his disciple — he empowers the SWAU students and staff to be the leaders on campus and in society. 

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The application of knowledge and faith is revealed in a life of service. Service is not just and act or activity, it is a lifestyle where God is exalted and helping others is natural. Service begins on campus, extends to the community and flows out to the world.

To view a video of how Knights experience a Christ-centered campus during their time at SWAU, visit youtu.be/kI9vnGfh9h8.

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