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A Keene ISD administrator is being called “heroic” after saving a baby from drowning in a pool over the weekend.

KISD Athletic Director Jason Hill was hosting a birthday party for his youngest daughter at the DeCordova Bend Estates Country Club in Granbury when a golf cart carrying a family friend’s 5-week-old baby, 2-year-old child and their grandmother accidentally fell into the pool. 

“The 2-year-old punches the gas pedal and the cart runs through the gate and into the 12-foot side of the pool by the diving board,” Hill said. “The grandmom was holding the 5-week-old.” 

Hill said his instincts kicked in when the golf cart fell into the water.

“Anybody would have done it,” he said. “Everyone was OK afterward. The paramedics were called to check for water in the baby’s lungs, but they all were OK.”

The situation could have been much worse, he said, so he’s glad everyone was safe.

“God put me there to help them,” he said. “That’s how I looked at it. I just did what he wanted me to do.”

Anytime someone rises above and beyond normal expectations, we take note and admire them, KISD Superintendent Ricky Stephens said.

“But when someone rises to the occasion and saves a life, especially of a 5-week-old baby, it is truly heroic,” Stephens said. “Coach Hill has dedicated his life and the life of his family to Keene athletics and to kids in general for almost 20 years. We know him to be the type that doesn’t shy away from the hard responsibilities. 

“To see that character and drive play itself out in the saving of the life of someone else makes me proud to not only have him as the athletic director here but also to call him a friend.”

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