Thomas Hadaway

Johnson County Sheriff Adam King credits Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Investigator Kim Burris, JCSO detectives and the JCSO Cold Case Squad for the recent arrest of a Fort Worth man in connection two counts of sexual assault against a then 16-year-old female in 2000.

An investigation led by them and others resulted in Tuesday’s arrest of Thomas Allen Hadaway, 50, of Fort Worth on two counts of aggravated sexual assault.

“Kim was doing an audit of our evidence/property room going through everything in there when she located a sexual assault kit and brought it to the attention of [JCSO Chief Deputy Danny Rogers] who worked the case along with our cold case squad and we managed to arrest the guy,” King said. “Although the victim in the case is grown now, she remembers it like it was yesterday.”

Burris found the sexual assault kit in JCSO’s evidence room on Dec. 11.

Further investigation revealed that the Fort Worth Police Department contacted JCSO on Nov. 16, 2000, to request a fax number and to send case information to the sheriff’s office, given that Fort Worth police had determined that both assaults occurred in Johnson County.

Rogers, according to Hadaway’s arrest warrant affidavit, requested a records check to determine what action had been taken regarding the evidence kit.

“There was no report located in the Johnson County reporting system,” according to the affidavit.

Rogers requested a Johnson County case number for the case and, with assistance from the cold case squad and others, began working the case.

King, who was not sheriff at the time of the incident, said he does not know why no action was taken with the kit in 2000. 

Shortly after he was elected sheriff in 2016, King and others located more than 100 sexual assault cases at the sheriff’s office that had not been worked or only partially worked. JCSO detectives worked the cases and have since solved several of them.


Fort Worth police at 11:24 p.m. Nov. 14, 2000, responded to a sexual assault call at Westwood Apartments in the 3200 block of Las Vegas Trail.

The victim, whose name still remains unreleased, told police that she was walking from her home to the apartment complex at about 8:30 p.m. that same day when she saw a man parked in a truck nears the intersection of Portales Drive and Highway 80.

As she walked by, the victim said the man called her over and asked where she was going. When she told him Westwood Apartments, the man said he had friends there and offered her a ride, according to reports.

The girl accepted but said the man began driving in the wrong direction from the apartments once she got in his truck.

The girl said she became frightened and that the man would not answer when she asked where he was going. When she asked if he planned to hurt her he said he would not so long as she did what he told her to do.

The man drove toward Benbrook. The victim told Fort Worth police that she recalled seeing a sign that said Cleburne 20 miles and another sign reading “Entering Johnson County.”

The victim said the man drove her to a cemetery where he stopped his truck. The victim tried to exit but the man grabbed and pulled her back in the vehicle. The victim said the man sexually assaulted her after that, after which he began to drive back toward Fort Worth.

Before reaching Tarrant County, the man took the girl under a bridge and sexually assaulted her again.

The victim told police that the man claimed his name was Derek.

Following the second assault, the man drove the girl back to Fort Worth and dropped her off on Highway 80 about a block from where he had picked her up, according to reports.

JCSO officials, after locating the unworked assault kit, contacted the victim who told them she still wanted to file criminal charges against the man who assaulted her 20 years ago.

Burris collected a Buccal swab from the victim and sent the assault kit to the University of North Texas’ DNA lab for testing. 

That test resulted in a match for Hadaway and led to his subsequent arrest.

Hadaway, according to court records was also arrested by Benbrook police in 2008. In that case Hadaway was originally charged with aggravated sexual assault but was ultimately convicted in Tarrant County of indecency with a child by sexual contact. The victim in that case was an 8-year-old girl, according to reports.

Hadaway, in that case, was sent to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He was later paroled, but was also required to register as a sex offender. 

The victim gave other descriptive evidence of Hadaway at the time to detectives and showed detectives where she was kidnapped in Fort Worth and the locations of the cemetery and bridge where she was raped, according to reports.

Johnson County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Ronny McBroom set Hadaway’s bonds at $500,000, $250,000 on each charge.

McBroom also ordered that a hearing must be held in the 413th District Court before Hadaway can be released on bond.

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