Grandview Central 4-H

Local 4-H’ers at the first meeting of the Grandview Central 4-H club at the Grandview Community Center. 



Grandview youth interested in participating in 4-H will now have another club to choose from. 

Amy Snoddy and Sabrina Roden of Grandview have created the Grandview Central 4-H Club where students will focus on improving leadership and citizenship skills from all the projects that 4-H has to offer. 

“There has been some significant growth in our community in recent years, which led me to see the need to bring a new club with new opportunities to the community of Grandview,” said Snoddy said, the club manager. “Our goal is to teach these youth that learning is fun, as well as gaining important life skills along the way.”

Kindergarten through second-graders can join as clover kids where they can participate in a few activities the club provides to help prepare them for club membership, which is open to third- through 12th-graders.  

Club members can participate in projects in several categories such as leadership — public speaking, parliamentary procedure, community service; youth entrepreneurship; STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — robotics, photography, theater and performance arts; family and community health — food and nutrition or fashion and interior design; and agriculture and livestock — beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits and swine. 

“There are so many opportunities that Texas 4-H has to offer to everyone that I can barely keep up with what new curriculum they create to go with each project they have to offer,” she said. “There are so many people — even in the community of Grandview — who are unaware of even a small portion of this. I believe we are doing kids a disservice if we keep the 4-H program a secret.”

Snoddy said she has made it her mission to make youth aware of the opportunities 4-H has to offer.  

“So many times as parents we focus on what is right in front of us because we don’t have the time to look around to see that we are missing all around us,” she said. “Time is so precious, and our kid’s time with us is moving rapidly.  

“I believe every minute we get to spend time together as a family to train our children about the community around us and how we can make a difference is one of the most important jobs as a parent. Texas 4-H allows us to do just that.”

It teaches children to be better citizens right here where they live, she said. 

“It teaches them to be more confident young people and to have a heart for others around them,” she said. “It gives them an amazing opportunity to learn to collaborate with their peers during easy times and stressful ones.

“I have seen kids who would tear up at the mention of speaking in a public turn into amazing confident speakers. I have seen kids who were terrified to walk into a room of people they didn’t know, now welcome new people with confidence. I have seen kids who struggle to make friends in other places, find there lifelong friends through 4-H.”

They have the opportunity to spend time with each other and meet new people from all over the state of Texas. 

“These are the things 4-H is made of, and these things that can never be taken from any of them,” she said. “They will carry them with them into adulthood and beyond.”

Kristen Clark, Johnson County AgriLife Extension Service 4-H youth development agent, said she is excited about the additional opportunity this club will bring for the youth of Johnson County.  

“This club will bring more leadership and project activities to Grandview and surrounding communities and will help grow the membership of Johnson County 4-H,” Clark said. “The new managers have a great vision for the direction of the club and have worked hard to consider new ways of doing old things that will be very beneficial to those students who join the club.”

The club meets at 6:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month at the Grandview Community Center, 206 E. Criner St.

For information, visit the Grandview Central 4-H Club Facebook page.

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