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Instead of the normal 30-minute lunch, Godley High School students now have a “mega” lunch that runs for an hour. This gives students opportunities to meet with teachers for tutorials, take missed tests and meet with clubs and extracurricular organizations.

GHS Principal Leigh Brown said the idea for a “mega” lunch came from students in innovative classes.

“They wanted a time built into [their] schedule so that they could be able to attend tutorials,” Brown said. “Many of [our] students are involved in numerous extracurricular activities after school and they wanted time to be able to visit with their teachers when they had questions about assignments they had missed.”  

A group of GHS students, teachers, counselors and administrators visited Crowley High School in the spring because they have an extended lunch period. They asked the students, teachers and administrators what they liked about it and the challenges they faced.

“They felt like it helped their student body tremendously,” Brown said. “It gave students time for tutorials and also gave them some down time where they could relax and visit with friends, etc. After our visit we came back to school, had some great conversations and put our plan into action.

“We have had some tremendous help from some of our staff members in organizing and putting our schedule together. We are excited to see how this will positively affect our students.”

Brown said the purpose of the long lunch is to give students down time in the middle of the day between classes.

During lunch, students are able to visit the commons area, library, down the concession stand hallway, back gym on Wednesdays and Thursday, agriculture facilities on Tuesdays and Fridays, hallways, open classrooms and the testing center.

Students will not be able to go off campus, the band hall, front gym, locker rooms and classrooms with locked doors/lights off. They also won’t be able to exit any exterior doors to the outside that are not included in the places they are allowed to go.

Brown said students must treat it as a privilege and clean up after themselves. Students must throw trash in the large trash bins in the hallway, rather than the classrooms. If a student spills something, they must notify an adult and help them clean up the area.

Food and drinks are allowed in the hallways. Teachers have the discretion of allowing food and drinks in their classrooms.  

Students will be able to make appointments with their teachers to attend tutorials. They can go to any core subject teacher — math, science, social studies and English — for help with their work if their teacher is not available.  

If students have to leave campus during lunch, they must sign out of the office by their parents. The office staff will provide students with a slip to show to the teacher in the courtyard that the student may leave campus.

GHS senior Lily Kilcrease was one of the students that proposed this idea. Brown said she was the one who organized the trip to Crowley High School.

“It will most definitely benefit the student body because it will not only give the students the opportunity for tutorials and to meet with teachers, but it will give them the opportunity to just hang out with their friends and have some down time in the middle of the school day,” Kilcrease said.

Brown said they had been talking about it for a while and were finally able to implement the lunch this year.

“We thought it would be very beneficial to our students,” Brown said.

Superintendent Rich Dear said the goal of the “mega” lunch is to give students choice and flexibility in their schedules.

“Students will have access to teachers for tutorials or remediation,” Dear said. “With our transition to more [project-based learning] instruction, our students will also have the opportunity to collaborate in groups.

“The majority of our students participate in multiple extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Students can utilize the extended lunch period to meet with their groups without disrupting class time.”

If there are too many problems during this new lunch or if there’s a concern for student safety, Brown said the time can be revoked and the entire school will return to a modified lunch schedule. 

More time with teachers, clubs

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