Crepe myrtles

Crepe myrtles are in full bloom at Winston Patrick McGregor Park this summer.

Winston Patrick McGregor Botanical Park, 1628 W. Henderson St., is a city park like no other park in town. It is 10 acres of beauty that was deeded to the city by Mozell Frank Scott. He was born and raised in Cleburne and lived in the home on the property as an adult until 2001. He and his many, but only one at a time, Winston Patrick McGregor bulldogs. 

Those who have visited the park can see a freshly painted and refurbished home/meeting building and many more flowers, shrubs, trees and pathways then when Scott lived there. There is so much to see and enjoy you cannot do it from the car window and a drive by. You definitely need to walk the granite pathways to get a small feeling for all that is growing and flourishing on the grounds.

In an effort to show off this city wonder the Friends of McGregor Park will try to tell you about what is blooming at different times of the year.

At present the crepe myrtles are starting with their summer blooms. They might be shrub size or tree size but all with flowers for the summer.

How are the perennials in your yard? The garden has a large number blooming in their special area. Come see how well and big they can grow. They all have name tags to aid in learning about their growth habits.

Also, there are more rose bushes then one can count. The good thing is they are spread around the park’s walkways so you can see all of them up close. Some of the rose bushes are in thick groups; mainly the red ones but there are also long stretches of them of many different colors. They all EarthKind roses so they will grow very well with little watering, after getting them established, which makes them perfect for the home yard.

Really good displays of roses are sprawled on the wood fence that can be seen on Henderson are spectacular in size and number of dark pink roses per bush.

Are you curious? Have you stopped by already? Have you had a morning walk on the long walkways? Or is the park on your to-do list now?

Please do so. The city horticulturist is there most days so you can ask questions. We are always looking for volunteers to help out in the garden in many ways. 

You could be our next helper or maybe join the Friends of the Winston Patrick McGregor Park. You can always email for more information.


Elaine Bell is a Johnson County Master Gardener and a member of the Friends of the Winston Patrick McGregor Park.

Crepe myrtles filling McGregor Park this summer

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