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Cilantro — pronounced [sih-LAHN-troh] — is a member of the carrot family that is also referred to as Chinese Parsley and Coriander. It is the leaves (and stems) of the Coriander plant. Cilantro has a pungent odor and is widely used in Mexican, Caribbean and Asian cooking. The leaves look a b…

Do your plant selection, soil preparation, and planting soon to give the selected plants time to adapt and develop larger root systems during the dormant time of the rest of the plant.

The Johnson County Master Gardeners are having a Fall Plant Sale along with the Dachshund Days at Hulen Park on Oct. 10. We will start at 9 a.m. and sell until all plants are gone or no later than 4 p.m.

Brussels sprouts — they’re not the same veggies you turned your nose up when the lunch lady filled the spot on your tray you preferred to see French fries when you were a child.

Ahhh, the hot summer days, days for drinking iced tea or lemonade, sitting on the porch or patio with a fan moving the air or just staying indoors and enjoying the air conditioning. What is a vegetable gardener to do? Myself, I start planning my fall and winter garden.


Winston Patrick McGregor Botanical Park, 1628 W. Henderson St., is a city park like no other park in town. It is 10 acres of beauty that was deeded to the city by Mozell Frank Scott. 

During World War II, there was a high demand for bee keeping. Since sugar was rationed, honey became the main source of sweetening. Beeswax was used for waterproofing and bees were needed to pollinate the Victory Gardens. Today, with the local food movement and the farm to table, people are …

Need some dazzling color for those shady spots in your yard? Caladiums are colorful heart shaped tropical leaves sure to brighten up any shady area. 

Bats, just the word alone can cause shivers on people. Thinking that they will bite and you’ll turn into a vampire or that they will get in your hair are just some of the bat myths that will be busted by the Johnson County Master Gardeners.

Tall lone objects, including trees, are likely targets when electrical storms come calling, but the bolt may bounce off one object to another with less resistance before racing into the earth. 

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