Mark Anthony Soliz

After several years of appeals, an execution date of Sept. 10 has been set for Mark Anthony Soliz, a Fort Worth man convicted of capital murder on June 18, 2012 in the 413th District Court. 

413th District Judge Bill Bosworth signed the order, which calls for Soliz to be executed by lethal injection “at some time after the hour of six o’clock p.m. in a room arranged for the purpose of execution” at Huntsville. 

The motion requesting that an execution date be set lists seven unsuccessful appeals made on Soliz’s behalf including two from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Soliz, 37, was convicted in the 413th District Court in Cleburne and received the death penalty. He remains on Texas Death Row.

Soliz in June 2010, shot and killed Nancy Weatherly, 61, during a robbery of her home near Godley. Earlier the same morning, Soliz shot and killed Ruben Martinez, a delivery man at a Fort Worth convenience store. 

For reasons still not fully clear, Soliz and Fort Worth resident Jose Ramos then drove from Fort Worth to Johnson County. Neither man appears to have had any previous connection to Weatherly. In the several days leading up to those killings, Soliz engaged in a carjacking, armed robbery and several other shootings.

Ramos, who participated in many of the crimes with Soliz and was present during both killings, received life in prison.

Soliz’s conviction marked the first death penalty case in Johnson County in more than a decade and has been the county’s last death penalty case since. 

Attorneys from the Tarrant County and Johnson County district attorneys offices combined resources and agreed to have both cases heard in Johnson County. Jury selection took five weeks and the trial ran four. Jury selection in death penalty cases requires attorneys to interview prospective jurors individually rather than in  group.

Johnson County District Attorney Dale Hanna said Soliz’s case was the longest, and costliest in Johnson County’s history.

“It’s the longest case we’ve had since I’ve been here,” Hanna said. “Even going back to when I wasn’t an assistant DA in Tarrant County, I don’t remember a case running longer.”

Mark Anthony Soliz

Mark Anthony Soliz, left, with his attorney Greg Westfall in the 413th District Court during a break in Soliz’s 2012 capital murder trial.


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