ANDERSON — Good’s Candy Shop is for sale — along with hundreds of Good’s candy recipes and unique flavor combinations.

Owner Randy Good, 62, said he isn’t selling his business because of the social media backlash from a post he made on Facebook seeking applicants for eight jobs he had available.

“I’ve been preparing this place to sell for 30 years,” he said.

In fact, Good has seen business thrive in the wake of his Facebook post and he has filled six of the eight available positions since May 20. Good employs a total of 38 people.

On Friday afternoon the shelves inside the candy shop were partially bare and a steady stream of customers were buying candy and ice cream despite the cold and rainy day.

But Good said he has paid an emotional price for his controversial post which he said was made with no malice or ill intent.

The post was something of a help-wanted message, but it included the type of employees Good said are hard to manage and create a toxic work environment. “Splitters,” who spread gossip, and “pukers,’’ who constantly talk about their own problems at work — need not apply.

The post spread like a wildfire on social media as people took offense with Good who wrote about the negative qualities being a typical behavior of girls and something they learn from their mothers — “boys just duke it out.”

Outrage poured in as people voiced their opinions that the post was offensive and sexist.

Good said someone even called the candy shop to express their anger on Monday morning and took their anger out on an employee who was left in tears and rattled by the experience.

By Wednesday, Good returned to Facebook to admit that the original post was a mistake and he poorly communicated his experiences “out of ignorance, not malice.”

“When I first read the first horrible thing that someone accused me of, I was sick to my stomach,” he said. “It still bothers me because I’ve worked so hard. I’ve never done anything like that, ever. That was painful. My gut said, ‘Randy, you’ve had enough – just sell it.’”

Good, who said he has suffered from severe depression since he was a child, was hurt the most by the people bashing him on social media that live in the community and know him – people he said know how much he values his workers and that he employs, interacts with, respects and admires “women of all ages.”

He said he was astonished by the hate, lies, backstabbing and horrible accusations posted about him and disturbed by the death wishes and personal threats made toward his family.

“I was on my heels,” Good said. “I might have been on my butt, I don’t know, but once I got up and sort of regained my composure again, I got excited because everyone here was excited. Support was pouring in from all over. People were stopping in personally, leaving huge tips for the girls and they were so supportive. We are still all energized from it.”

Good said things were starting to settle down, but when he got up Friday morning and looked in the mirror he was shocked at the image he saw.

“I looked like I had aged 10 years and I feel like I have aged 10 years this week,” he said. “It’s also been hard on my wife.”

Good said he is listening to his gut and following advice from an old friend about making good decisions. He doesn’t plan to list with a realtor, but he is accepting serious offers by email at

He declined to name his selling price.

If no offers are made, Good said he plans to carry on business as usual, which includes his free ice cream giveaways and special summer events which have included car shows and live music.

He scoffed at the notion his original post was made to generate more business.

“It would have been too great of a risk,” he said with a slight shake of his head. “I just told a story from my experiences.”

Despite being a self-described workaholic, Good said he will pursue other business interests and hobbies if he sells Good’s Candy Shop.

“I started coming to work a long time ago knowing what it felt like to go to work when you don’t need the money,” he said about being financially secure enough to retire. “I’ve been doing that for a good long time.”

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