For one month every year, Dr. Art Chadwick and Dr. Jared Wood travel from Southwestern Adventist University to the 8,000-acre Hanson Ranch and Research Center in Eastern Wyoming. They are joined by over a hundred participants consisting of scientists, students, and paleontology enthusiasts from around the world.

The Dig is a reality series that lets the viewer experience the sights, sounds, and stories of a summer with the research team. Directed by award-winning filmmaker and Southwestern Adventist University communication professor, Paul Kim, the series features stunning imagery of Eastern Wyoming and its epic storms, while giving a compelling depiction of the emotional journey undertaken by everyone who makes it through the month-long adventure.

The Dig is set to release on Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming platforms on January 3, 2020. It will air on Hope Channel (Direct TV Channel 368) in January and February.

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