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Most of us get caught up in the daily rat-race of work, chores, work, chores, work, chores ... For students: school, homework, activities, school, homework, activities, school, homework, activities ... We hustle on a treadmill going nowhere fast.

Keeping our heads above water with life’s daily responsibilities proves hard. With children to raise, careers to manage, houses to clean, meals to cook, laundry to wash, and activities to navigate, the busyness of life consumes us. How do we balance the must-dos with optional-dos? Or the urgent with the important?

In fact, what IS important? Sadly, the busyness of life often inhibits our opportunities to ponder and wonder. It prevents us from savoring the moment, gazing at the sky, quieting our minds, and enjoying nature. However, if we slow down and hop off that dizzying treadmill, life becomes profoundly beautiful.

How, though, do we slow down? Some families radically alert their lifestyles while others eliminate optional activities. When I chose to homeschool my children, I discovered that our schedule offered flexibility, providing opportunities to slow down, to wonder, to ponder life’s mysteries, to search out answers, and to ultimately realize that I “know nothing”.

It took me decades to arrive at that realization. Along the way, I scarfed up truckloads of information that I painstakingly sorted through. The process proved challenging when often I became convinced of a “truth”. Meh. Eventually, I threw most of it out. Truly liberating.

Discovering that I no longer needed to hold all the answers, I breathed a sigh of relief. Life developed an ease. Watching the birds flit from our feeder to the birdbath brings joy. The trees dancing in the breeze. The clouds floating in the sky. The simmering sauce on the stove. The laughter of children. Treasured family time. Precious friends. A life rich in love.

Love, the remaining jewel in my search. I know nothing but love. Is there more? What could be more than love? A discovery made possible because I hopped off the rat-race treadmill of life.

Terri White is a veteran homeschool mom from the 80s and 90s and the founder/director of T.E.A.C.H. Cleburne. She can be reached at teachcleburne13@gmail.com.

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