There’s parenting, and then there’s grandparenting.

Parenting. I loved being a mom. In fact, as a child that was my sole aspiration. Kids? Well, let’s face it. I love ‘em. Can’t get enough of them apparently. 

For me, being a mom was like wearing a pair of my most comfortable shoes. Ahhhh. My dream come true. Homebirth. Stay-at-home. Home school. That was me. 

Perfect? Heck no! Heartache? You bet! Challenges? A truckload. But I can honestly say that I gave it my best. For me, it’s the best career on the planet. 

Even so, parenting is tough because it requires us to do the hard thing. The not-giving-in mom. The buck-stops-here mom. Hard. And harder. I’ve been proud, and I’ve been humiliated. I’ve been overjoyed, and I’ve been heartbroken. 

I’ve been confused, and I’ve been clear-headed. So many emotions swirling around in a lifetime of parenting. Through all of it, though, I made decisions based on what kind of adults I wanted my kids to become. And I am not disappointed with the results. Parenting is the richest life. 

Then grandparenting waltzes in, ushering in the easy life. You know, the fun stuff. No buck-stopping here. I already did that. 

Grandparents are the softness in life. Undivided attention. Favorite foods. Special treats. Fun multiplied. The. Good. Life. 

I can just hear my kids now: Who is this woman? She never let us do _________. She never did that with us. You’re right, I didn’t. 

And, of course, most grandparents have more money for the fun stuff now that they don’t have a houseful of kids to raise. True. 

But while grandparenting is the cherry on top, it doesn’t compare to parenting. That’s apples and oranges. They are both tasty, just different. 

I love my kids. They are The Best. I am one lucky Mom. And I love my grandchildren. They are the best. I am one lucky Mimi. What a good life.


Terri White is a veteran homeschool mom from the ’80s and ’90s and is the founder/director of T.E.A.C.H Cleburne. 

She can be reached 

at teachcleburne13@

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