My husband and I, after 11 years of marriage, finally purchased our first home in February.

When we saw the listing for it online, it featured everything we were looking for. And even better, it was in our son’s same school district so he wouldn’t have to switch schools.

We adopted him, and while in foster care he attended nine different elementary schools. So, this was a big deal to be able to keep him in the same school.

What we also loved is that the previous homeowners spent quite a bit making the home energy efficient and even installed all-new appliances throughout the house.

We absolutely love our home and believe we made the right choice. We feel like it was listed just for us.

But sometimes when you are excited to buy a new home you overlook the things that need to be worked on.

In our case, it wasn’t much, but would give me some homeowner projects to work on: the stairway railing and the laundry room.

The railing appeared to have about three coats of paint on it and probably not with the right kind. It looked dingy so I thought one day I might get around to it, you know, once we are completely moved in and unpacked.

We still have about eight boxes to unpack, by the way.

Anyway last week we bought a new couch to go in the loft/game room upstairs. When my husband and his cousin were taking it up there the railing got bumped and a big part of the paint came peeling right off.

I peeled the entire top layer off from top to bottom. 

So, I scraped and then sanded down the older layers of paint so it looked like raw wood again. Then I painted it with the correct paint and it looked brand new. 

Now, if I could just keep our son from getting it dirty!

The other project I wanted to take on was our laundry room. It had holes in the walls from nails from the previous owners and was a bright white that, again, looked dingy.

I looked up some laundry room makeover ideas on Pinterest and planned out a project I thought would be in six months or so.

Well, our dog, Gracie, figured a way to get out of her kennel and tried to dig her way through the wall of the laundry room, in about four or five spots. It looks like a grizzy bear clawed the whole room up.

When we saw what she did I told my husband, “Well, I wanted to redo the room anyway.” He wasn’t amused.

But, I patched the walls and next I will sand that down and then paint the room.

Sometimes we have projects that envision and plan to make happen in the future, but sometimes a little prompting makes it happen sooner.

And, I don’t mind that at all. It makes me not be a procrastinator. And now I have a nice railing and a soon-to-be nice laundry room!


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