I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist. 

I’m actually positive most people don’t look forward to going, but some people don’t mind.

I’ve always tried really hard to take good care of my teeth, but when I was younger I had a dentist tell me no matter how much I brush I will always get cavities because I have deep grooves in my teeth.

And he was right. I’ve had so much dental work done to my teeth, even though I brush at least twice a day, use mouthwash and floss.

When I was in the Navy all of my dental work was free, and, I had a lot of cavities filled beginning as early as boot camp.

Having dental work while on shore duty wasn’t all too bad, but when I go orders to a ship it all began to sink.

I had a dentist who was so rough with me one time that my face was bruised for a week. 

Another time he refused to numb me, saying my cavity was so small that it wasn’t needed. Either the cavity was deeper than he thought, or he just drilled to deep, but either way I was screaming in pain and once he started he had to finish.

From then on, I lost all trust in dentistry. I knew I needed work done once I got out of the Navy, but was scared to.

I had been years overdue for a checkup and finally one of my back teeth broke. I had a filling fall out — one that the Navy did — because it had decay underneath of it. 

It hurt. I tried everything I could to find some relief, but my mouth throbbed and I was constantly in tears.

I knew I had to bite the bullet and go to the dentist, so I looked at the Reader’s Choice, a magazine published by the Times-Review. Each year the paper publishes the magazine with results of which businesses in town were voted the best of the best.

I found Dr. Sid Davis of Cleburne Dental Care on North Ridgeway Drive. His office has been listed several times throughout the years.

So I called and made an appointment, but my anxiety was through the roof.

I went in for a visit and all of the staff was friendly and I began to feel at ease. One look at that back tooth and Dr. Davis knew it needed to come out.

At 33, I didn’t want to lose any teeth, but the pain had become unbearable and I was actually relieved to know it would be coming back. 

After all, it was a tooth that had a filling before and I didn’t want to keep having work done on it if it was ultimately need a root canal.

He put me on antibiotics for 10 days and had me make an appointment to come in after they were all taken.

After those 10 days were over I went and Dr. Davis put my teeth “to sleep” with some good numbing medicine and within 10 minutes the tooth was gone.

I’m not going to lie; it was painful over the next few days. But knowing I will never have to experience the pain from the tooth ever again is all worth it.

Since then, I’ve had another back tooth removed, a crown and a few fillings done.

They even offered to whiten my teeth for me, by using a take home kit that includes mouth pieces formed specifically for my teeth so the whitening gel gets every nook and cranny.

My anxiety still bottles up as the time ticks down to my appointment — because of all of the painful work I had in the past — but as soon as Dr. Davis gets to work I can relax and know that I am in good hands.

Sometimes you have to just face your fears.                        


Features Reporter Jessica Pounds can be reached at 

817-645-2441, ext. 2333, or features@trcle.com.

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