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Declaration of local state disaster orders issued Friday by County Judge Roger Harmon strongly urgeeveryone 10 years old and up to wear face masks covering their nose and mouth when in areas open to the public where it is difficult to maintain six feet of social distance from other individuals. 

Harmon, in the same order, notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises face coverings for individuals 2 and older.

Face masks are required, however, in areas open to the public where social distancing is not feasible and 100 or more people are present. 

The order, which goes into effect at 6 p.m. today, runs through July 3 unless extended, modified or terminated.

Residents are also encouraged to continue maintaining social distancing of at least six feet.

Face coverings may include homemade masks, scarfs, bandanas or a handkerchief.

The requirement does not apply if covering the nose and mouth poses a significant mental or physical health risk to the individual.

The order authorizes peace officers to enforce the provisions of the declaration as permitted by law.

The order covers the entire county, Harmon said, although individual cities may impose more restrictive orders. 

The order complies with Gov. Greg Abbott’s orders Harmon said. 

Abbott on June 17 stated that local governments can require stores and businesses to require masks. Abbott, on Friday, amended his previous executive order to allow local officials to “impose additional restrictions” on outdoor gatherings estimated to be in excess of 100 people in certain circumstances.

Commissioners will discuss the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and, if necessary, any additional actions required during a 9 a.m. called meeting Thursday at the Johnson County Courthouse.

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