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Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain signs additional orders, his third in two weeks, to help combat the spread of COVID-19 to Cleburne. So far, no confirmed cases have been reported in the city.



Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain on Monday enacted additional safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to Cleburne.

Cain stressed that, as of Monday, no confirmed cases have been reported in the city. Two cases have been confirmed in northern Johnson County and three people in other parts of the county have been tested for the virus though the results of those tests have not returned yet.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ Sunday decision to order shelter in place measures for Dallas County sent the North Texas area into a “panic spin,” Cain said.

Shelter in place measures are not being considered for Cleburne at this time, Cain said.

“That may change,” Cain said. “Or the governor may override that and put it in place depending on what happens in the days ahead. But we’re doing no shelter in place for now in Cleburne.”

Cain stressed as well that the new orders, which took effect at 12:01 a.m. today, apply only to the city limits.

“This is for Cleburne only,” Cain said. “As for what they do in the rest of the county is up to the rest of the county.”

Cain praised residents, businesses and members of churches and other organizations for following the previous safety orders, for the most part, and looking out for one another. Cain praised Gov. Greg Abbott as well.

“I applaud Abbott’s decision to local based on a community needs basis versus trying to make it one size fits all for all of Texas,” Cain said.

The main change, the third so far, in the safety orders concerns closures.

Cain last week ordered the closure of commercial amusement and entertainment venues such as theaters and gyms. To that list on Monday Cain added:

• Group or individual garage sales.

• Door-to-door solicitations.

• Fitness classes.

• Yoga and personal training facilities and all such similar facilities.

• Tattoo and piercing parlors and tanning salons.

• Public auctions other than livestock.

• Residential meeting spaces.

• Event centers.

• Hotel meeting spaces and ballrooms.

• Outdoor plazas and markets.

• Barber shops, hair salons and nail salons.

• Spas, massage parlors and related personal care businesses.

• Indoor malls.

• Bars, lounges, taverns and private clubs.

Mass gatherings of more than 10 people are otherwise prohibited including weddings, funerals and church services.

Convenience stores are limited to occupancy of no more than 10 people at any one time cumulative of all staff and patrons present. Convenience store operators are also required to ensure that occupants maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet apart.

The 10-person limit does not apply to government buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, grocery stores, pharmacies, critical infrastructure such as airports and transit stations, home improvement and supply stores of more than 25,000 square feet, outside fueling stations, manufacturing or industrial locations, non-profit service providers, homeless or emergency shelters, daycare facilities or medical facilities.

Livestock auctions are still allowed to have more than 10 individuals present provided the number of bidders is limited to 10 and social distancing is practiced. 

City parks remain open, Cain said. However, playground and restroom areas are closed.

The Cleburne Water Utility lobby is closed as well though the walk up and drive-thru window remains open.

Cain added rules for grocery stores and/or any business selling groceries, pharmaceuticals, home improvement or animal and household supplies. 

Toilet paper purchases are now limited to 12 rolls or one package, whichever is greater, to one person per purchase. 

Grocers must also provide hand sanitizer at all entry points and provide a process to ensure sanitized wipe down of all handles for grocery carts and baskets at all customer entry points. 

They must also enforce social distancing and post lists at entry points of reasonable limits on popular items.

Events, public or private, with an anticipated cumulative attendance of 50 or more people are canceled, which means Antique Alley, at least the portion in Cleburne city limits, is canceled.

Violation of any of the orders is subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and a sentence of up to 180 days in jail.

A city COVID-19 hotline has also been established, Cain said, at 817-645-0901.

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