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September 28, 2012

Don Newbury: A mad, mad, mad world


To say the world population is generally more angered today than at any time in history is like unto a broad sweep with a whisk broom. Still, if put to a vote, results might support such a theory, provided they could withstand challenging roars of voting irregularities.

Anger topics have grown to the point of being innumerable. If our “mads” were written on the sides of railway cars, the train would stretch over the next hill, perhaps even into the next county. Folks’ anger is exceeded only by their fears. Here, too, the list is long. In this epistle, I’ll deal only with the obscure. Obscurity can take center stage with warp speed. Like puppy love, it’s real to the puppy.


Few teapots can contain brewing tempests, even on local levels.

In Dallas, for example, arms are “upped” upon news of greatly reduced restaurant inspections. City budgetary woes are blamed. Some eateries formerly checked on twice annually haven’t seen inspectors in more than a year.

This account reminded my 100-year-old Uncle Mort of a long-ago experience. He and fellow workers ordered café breakfasts. “Make sure I get a clean plate,” Mort warned. Upon returning with the orders, the server asked, “OK, who gets the clean plate?”


A current “movie,” Innocence of Muslims, initially seemed destined for obscurity. After all, it was shot in two weeks with a budget of less than $100,000.

Though Muhammad’s name wasn’t mentioned, Muslim radicals took offense, creating furor in many parts of the world. They’re madder’n hops at the U.S.

It’s not likely to get positive reviews at the international film festival, to say the least.


Doctors are frustrated. So are patients. Young people think they’ll never get sick. Oldsters know it’s not if, but when. (A friend sought medical help for his “hunker” condition. He has no trouble “hunkering down,” but “hunkering up” is a whole ‘nuther matter.)

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