When the Johnson County Commissioners Court last week approved a request by Johnson County Sheriff Adam King to allow Pecan Valley MHMR to use office space at the county jail, readers weighed in on the topic.

Mabel Kirkpatrick: Thank you Adam King.that you saw people needs help in jail .mental health does cause continue behavior. Your awesome.

DeAnne Derrick: MUCH needed...so glad the request was approved by the court.

Angie McPherson Boldt :This has been needed, so glad it is happening.

Robin Rodgers: Adam King you are AWESOME!!!!!

Judy Bandy: Good news.

Misser Powell: Took long enough.

Johnson County residents shared their New Year’s Eve traditions on the Times-Review Facebook page.

Judy Laws: Black eyed peas for good luck and cabbage for money. Haven’t missed them since I was old enough to remember. For the haters out there, all it takes is a bit. I love it and eat a bunch.

HectorAnd Yoelda Reyes: I remember tia taking black eyed peas to moms house one new years.

Jennifer Seelke: Black eyed peas; turnips (one bite).

Taressa Gail Fergason: Black eyes peas and cornbread

JoAnn Carmichael Summers: Black Eyed Peas!! Will try the cabbage idea for luck.

Readers shared their thoughts about the fifth man who was arrested in connection to roughly 120 cases that apparently went unworked or underworked under the previous administration of Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford.

Tracy Meyer: Not acceptable. Children in my book should be put first so they don’t have to live being scared for their live cause the person that assaulted them is still free. Parents check on your child’s case if you have one dont let them push it to the side.

Dallas Faye: Geez. Years old cases?? So many of them! Why is this acceptable?? Johnson county needs help.

Lisa Moore Guidry Sad that these cases have been put off for so long.

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